Video 2: The Truth About Gaining Confidence

(The 'How-To' Most Gurus Leave Out)


2 responses to “EVFF Launch Video 1”

  1. todd says:

    My ideal social life would involve me being comfortable in my own skin. If I could access that headspace where I feel at ease with my identity and can be free to follow my passions without worrying about what others think, then I know my life would be so much richer.

  2. Arnold says:

    Wow that part about working on too many tactics and stuff at once hit home for me. I try to put some of that stuff into play but I just get in front of someone and its like i have no idea what to do anymore. It all gets jumbled in my head. This video made a lot of sense especially the framework. Gonna try and focus on just that for a while haha.Thanks!

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