Review of Big Talk Communication Skills Training Course (the Good & Bad)

Big Talk Conversation Skills Training Course

Full Review of Big Talk Conversation Course

Here’s my honest review (the good & the bad) of the Conversation – Communication Skills Training Course “Big Talk: Effortlessly Talk to Win Friends Anywhere with the Real You” by Joshua Uebergang.

Does it really help you improve your conversation skills, overcome shyness and feel comfortable in your own skin?

Well just from seeing the cover, it’s hard to tell isn’t it?

After all, when you buy a book or course, you usually read the table of contents to see if it’s something you’d like. Well this course is in e-book form, so you might not have that opportunity. So I’ll go through the table of contents of my copy so you’ll have a better idea if it’s what you’re looking for.


Section 1: Big Talk Foundations

Chapters 1, 2 and 3 are what really set the Big Talk Course apart from other social skills courses.

These chapters are about developing the core of who you are to build confidence and overcome shyness. They’re about knowing yourself, building an identity and loving yourself.

Because when you know and love yourself, conversation becomes effortless! You’re no longer worried so much what others think of you since you know your real worth. You love you and you love your life.

When you feel like that, you’re more fearless and confident socially and that positively influences all your interactions. People can feel the difference in you and they want to be a part of your life more and more.

Chapter 1: Connecting with Yourself

Plain and simple, this chapter shows how to know & accept yourself for who you really are. SO vital if you’ve ever felt you don’t quite know yourself (or like yourself) all that much.

Chapter 2: Connecting with People>

Reveals how to move past the acquaintance stage and become friends with people (as your TRUE SELF). It finally answers the shy-person’s question, “HOW can I just be myself?”

Chapter 3: Social Fear

Goes into detail on how to deal with social anxiety and fear so you’ll stop standing there tongue-tied and nervous. You’ll use your courage to actually talk to new people.

Chapter 4: Blueprint for Success

This chapter is sort of a primer for the next section on conversation skills. It helps get your mindset right for having effortless conversations and also reveals how to be interesting.

Cool Sections in this Chapter:

GIANTS Formula to Build Stories. This is an exclusive step-by-step exercise developed by Joshua that’ll show you how to create fun and engaging stories from YOUR life. Even if you feel your life isn’t so exciting.

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Section 2: Big Talk Model

Here you get the “nuts and bolts” of how to talk to people and have great conversations. You’ll notice Joshua has broken conversation into different phases. Don’t let that scare you. It’s not overly technical.

He’s only done that to focus on the areas of conversation most people have trouble with. It’ll help you to really zero in on your problem areas and improve where you most need it.

Chapter 5: Approach Phase

This chapter is all about going up and talking to a person or a group. This is the biggest hurdle for many people: feeling anxiety when wanting to talk to someone! So here you’ll learn specifically how to approach new people in fun and powerful ways.

Cool Sections in this Chapter:

10 Million Dollar Strategies to Get in a Feel-Good Mood/12 Rules of Approaching People. These two sections give so many ways to overcome approach anxiety! Really if you just actively use 2 or three of these, it’ll make a huge difference.

How to Approach Athletes Celebrities & Other Big Players. For you, maybe it’s not a celebrity you feel jitters around, but your boss or someone else you feel is high status. This section gives solid ways NOT to seem needy or like the typical bumbling fool.

Chapter 6: Open Phase

What do I say to start a conversation? That’s one of the biggest questions I hear. Well that’s what this section uncovers IN DETAIL. In fact, you’ll learn five proven types of conversation starters.

Chapter 7: Shift Phase

For some people, they feel ok starting a conversation. Their biggest question is what to say after hi

So this chapter shows how to “shift” from opening into a normal conversation. You’ll learn how to keep the interaction going in a natural way that doesn’t seem forced.

Chapter 8: Conversation Phase

Ever wonder what a natural conversation is really like? How does a great and flowing chat sound where both people are having fun, enjoying it and contributing?

That’s what this section reveals. It shows you exactly what to do to get a conversation to that natural stage of just both people enjoying it and being a part of it. It also delves into one of the most important conversations skills: Listening.

Cool Sections in this Chapter:

27 cut and paste questions. You can use these at any stage of the conversation to help push it forward

Friends Framework. Shows how to “re-start” a conversation with someone you’ve met once or twice and deepen that friendship

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Section 3: Core Big Talk Skills

The final section goes into advanced skills that really pull together all you’ve learned to this point. These are the skills that’ll truly make you a master communicator and an all-around popular dude or dudette.

Chapter 9: Impressions – Unspoken Influence

As mentioned in Big Talk, according to social psychologist Frank Bernieri from Oregon State University, you have about 30 seconds to make a good first impression.

This chapter will show you how.

Cool Sections in this Chapter:

Four Rescue Boats. If you say something silly or an interaction goes awkward (aka – silent!), here are 4 ways to get past that and get the chat positive and flowing again.

Chapter 10: Conversational Flow – Effortlessly Keep a Conversation Going

How can you get in the zone in conversations and social settings like an athlete does in sports? To where you’re not worried what you’re doing – you’re just naturally talking to people as your true self.

This is an important section, especially when you’re just learning to improve your conversation skills. You’ll probably experience that phenomenon of being overwhelmed with new techniques and ways to act socially. That ends up making you more self-conscious and “clunky.”

This chapter shows how to get past that.

Cool Sections in this Chapter:

10 Principles to Free Your Mind, Effortlessly Talk & Enjoy a Conversation. A professor of psychology and education at Washington University in Saint Louis (and a Jazz musician) formulated 10 key principles to get into conversational flow with people.

Chapter 11 – Non-verbal communication – What You Really Say

Many studies suggest non-verbal communication is just as important, if not MORE important, than what you say for how people perceive you. That’s because non-verbal communication affects people subconsciously. This makes it VERY powerful

Cool Sections in this Chapter:

10 Awful Body Language Mistakes People Make in Conversations (& how to fix them) – This one speaks for itself.

10 Must-Have Non-verbal Communication Tricks – Great tips here like “How to Improve Your Voice,” “12 Undercover Ways to Use Touch,” and “How to Mirror People to Have them Feel ‘You’re Just Like Me.’”

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“The BAD”

I said I wanted to give you an honest review, so here’s what I didn’t like so much about this course.

Some parts were a bit dense to read through. I found myself needing to read some paragraphs a second time to make sure I had understood.

Uebergang has done lots of research on psychological and scientific studies to put this course together and some of those advanced concepts come through in his writing. Now it’s good the course and techniques are based on solid research that works. But you may have to re-read here and there to get it all in.

So while I found myself wishing he’d been a little more down to earth in some parts, the whole book isn’t like that. Most sections are pretty straight forward and easy to read.

The information (and specific exercises) is still there that’s going to help you improve your self-esteem and conversation skills. So I think the good vastly outweighs the bad here.

A Couple of Final Points

  • Big Talk Workbook – the course includes a workbook that goes step-by-step through every exercise of every section. That way, you’re never left wondering about your next action step to improve your conversation skills.
  • Unheard of 1 year money back guarantee – Again, this pretty much speaks for itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Big Talk Course


The price isn’t what I expected. Isn’t that a bit much?

I have to admit, when I first saw the price I was a bit surprised too. But I decided to give it a try (Joshua gives an unheard of 1 year money back guarantee). I’m glad I did; it’s easily the most effective AND comprehensive product out there on improving your conversation and people skills.

If the price were doubled, it’d still be a good deal. Yes there are other conversation courses available, but you’d have to purchase several of them just to equal the amount of information and quality in Big Talk.

It covers all the ins and outs of better people skills AND how to develop your core so you’re comfortable in your own skin.

For the price of two nights out (at a restaurant or bar), you’ll learn skills that’ll make EVERY future social event you attend fun and exciting instead of disappointing.

So really ask yourself, how much is it worth to you to have social confidence for the rest of your life?

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Other conversation products I’ve bought were not realistic in the way they portrayed conversations. They were stereotypical. Won’t this one be the same?

I’ve bought plenty of conversation and shyness courses/books and been “burned” that way too. So I know what you mean. But like me, Joshua has been through shyness and poor social skills, so he really connects on the skills you need to know.

He explains things in a way that make sense and most importantly, in a way that works. Besides, many of his methods are based on scientific and psychological principles that have been proven to work.


Do you get a commission from sales of Big Talk?

This is a valid question and I’m happy to give full disclosure here. Yes, I do.

But here’ the thing. I’m ONLY recommending this course because I’ve bought it and can personally vouch for its quality. I decided to arrange an affiliate situation with Joshua because I believe in the Big Talk course and I know it works.

Through my site, I strive to bring great tips and advice to my readers on improving their conversation skills and self-esteem. Keeping this site running takes money and effort, and this is a way to pay the bills so I can continue offering a quality service. So if you think Big Talk is for you and you get it through me, I’m very grateful for your support.

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A Small Sample of What You’ll Learn from Reading Big Talk…

  • Be COOL and CALM at all times. Russian mind-trick used by 2008 Olympic athletes stops you worrying what people think of you. – pg. 123 (I found this useful in NEW stressful situations)
  • Kill awkward silences… with the GIANTS formula exclusive to Big Talk… how to always have something interesting to say even if you live a boring life – pgs. 57-59
  • Create CONNNECTIONS with listening skills. How to listen like a Buddhist Monk to connect with people at a deep level… Make strangers feel they’ve known you their entire life – pg. 104
  • A LOT more – around 100 easy-to-use techniques covering all you need to live your social life to the fullest

Listen, I could go on, but if you’ve followed my blog for a while or enjoyed my video series and trust my opinion…all I can say is the Big Talk Communication Course is a very good investment in your future social confidence.

I really feel it’s the best conversation – communication skills training course available today. I hope this review has helped shed some light on this hidden gem of a course.

If you’re shy, overly quiet in certain situations or just feel you’re missing out on life since you’re not as outgoing as you’d like, this course WILL help you fix that.

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