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  • 3 Cheats To Do Better Talking With Groups
  • Perception Patterning Exercises: The Evidence Backed Path To Lasting Confidence

The 3 Pillars Of Improving Socially

About Conversation Skills Core And Dean J

I was once so shy, I stayed quiet even around friends. And I was so awkward, classmates and  co-workers teased me.

I looked up "what to do" socially. Yet the advice often made me more awkward. I'd get paralyzed with too many "dos and don'ts" in my head.

Eventually, I could do well impressing some people. But still the interaction would fall flat. I couldn't connect or seem high-value.

My turning point was finding the real psychology behind insecurity. The hidden glitch that locks shyness in, no matter what skills you learn.

I made it my mission to help others become more confident and outgoing like I did. And so Conversation Skills Core was created...


Often when I hear stuff about social skills it's just a load of bull, but you're actually addressing the real issues behind social awkwardness.

April S.

Dean you are the man! This world is truly a better place because of what you do. I have already suggested to two friends that they check out your site.

Brett C.

I think as you have been through it yourself its very good, as you can relate to it personally and help guide people through and identify and share what others and yourself have experienced.

Niall C.

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