The 1 Night That Makes Talking to Strangers in Bars 13 x Easier

Through talking to many shy and socially insecure people, there's a cruel irony I've discovered. Many crave the ability to talk to the "cool" people in places like bars, clubs or on the street. But unfortunately, talking to those people in those … [Continue reading]

The Aristotle Guide to Make Friends and Influence People

make friends

Aristotle was the man. He figured out a lot about the human condition before modern psychology (or modern anything for that matter.) Some of his ideas still permeate our modern culture in areas like marketing and the science of persuasion. In … [Continue reading]

Why Conversation is Still Hard Even Though You’ve Learned What to Do

Why is Conversation Still Hard

For a long time, I had this problem... I'd research what charming, well-liked people did to be so successful socially. But once I knew what to do, I'd often feel even more anxious and incompetent. I'd go out to use what I'd learned but then … [Continue reading]

Why Some People Are Hard to Talk to but Not Others (and What to Do About It)


One of the most confusing handicaps of my shyness and social anxiety was being able to talk easily with some people, but freezing up around others. And usually, the people I fell silent around were the ones I MOST wanted to talk to. I’d be fine … [Continue reading]

The Difference Between Introversion and Shyness (Are You Getting This Wrong Too?)

  When people throw out conversation advice, they often mix up the terms introversion and shyness. The truth is, these are completely different concepts that cannot be used interchangeably. If you aren't happy with your social life and … [Continue reading]

New Site Design and Future Plans

The new site design is done and I have to say, I'm very happy with it. All the same great information on understanding shyness and social awkwardness is still here, but I think in a much easier to digest format. One of the issues I had with the … [Continue reading]

How to be More Outgoing if You Don’t Like Socializing

dont like socializing

So you’ve decided you want to be more outgoing. But there’s a problem: You just don’t like socializing most of the time do you? It’s such a hassle. You’d like to talk to new people but they’ll probably wonder what the hell you want or why you’re … [Continue reading]

How to Be Social at a Party (With People You Don’t Know)

how to be social at a party

You walk in the front door of an acquaintance’s house party, and 15 people you’ve never met turn to see who you are. Wow. What to say? What to do? Hey, I’ve been there too and it’s not fun. I often felt uncomfortable at social gatherings and it … [Continue reading]