How to Not Care What People Think?

how to not care what people think

When walking into a new group of people, do you often wonder what to say and stay quiet instead of acting natural and spontaneous? Deep down, do you find yourself thinking: “What is this person going to think of me if I say this?” “They’re … [Continue reading]

One of the Most Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned to Improve Social Skills

improve social skills

Today, I want to give some simple advice you may or may not realize. It’s obvious advice, but it took me a while to truly understand it. But once I did, I felt a lot less self-loathing and stress at my lack of social ability. … [Continue reading]

How to Be Friendly: 5 Tips to Be More Likeable

Does it take longer for you to make friends? Too long sometimes? Like maybe in the past, when you’ve switched jobs or transferred colleges or cities, people just didn’t seem to engage you or try to make friends. And even with the few who did … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Over-Thinking When You Want to Talk to Someone (Reader Question)

Sometimes, don't you wish you could just get your brain to SHUT UP? Maybe you see a cute guy or girl you want to talk to or your boss looks free to chat  at the company picnic. So what do you do? Your head starts spinning up scenarios … [Continue reading]

The Will Ferrell Guide to Overcoming Shyness

Chazz Michael Michaels: "Mind bottling, isn’t it?" Jimmy MacElroy: "Did you say mind bottling?" Chazz Michael Michaels: "Yeah, when things are crazy and it’s like your mind is trapped in a bottle…" - Blades of Glory Overcoming shyness can feel … [Continue reading]

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Quickly Improve Self Confidence

Build Self Esteem

  What aren’t you doing in your life right now because you lack self confidence? That can be a big question, because self confidence is so vital to happiness and feeling capable in life. Without it, you get less respect from others, you fear … [Continue reading]

What is Shyness (and Why NOT Knowing Keeps You Shy)

What is shyness

  “It isn't that they can't see the solution. It's that they can't see the problem.” --G. K. Chesterton Which one are you? Tongue-tied…quiet…shy…socially anxious…broken… However you label yourself, if you have trouble talking to … [Continue reading]

Top 8 Tips On Fighting Depression

Fighting Depression

  The following is a guest post by Tina Miller. Remember, depression can be a serious issue and if you think you need it, you should seek professional help. Depression is common when a person is under a lot of stress (mainly caused by … [Continue reading]