However, if you would still like to purchase the Big Talk course (2 free bonuses no longer included), you can do that below.


I have a hard time talking to new people
I have very few friends
I want to meet someone to fall in love with, but don’t have the guts to approach anyone
I feel stupid in groups of people
I want more friends
I want to be real not fake around people
I want people to like and respect me
I want to finally feel good about myself

How many did you check? You probably learned how bad your social life is by doing this quick quiz. On this page I’m going to show you how to solve all the problems you checked because…

The quiz described me 4 years ago because I checked EVERY box. I figured I was just wired to be an outcast.

My name is Joshua Uebergang and having a hard to pronounce last name was my smallest worry in meeting people. I couldn’t talk to women yet alone guys so all day I played video games and surfed the web.

Do you also find yourself isolated from the rest of the world? It sucks and it’s a lonely place to be.

I remember the gut-wrenching feeling I’d get around new people. It’s the feeling nobody really wants to talk to you. I’d usually sound like a moron when I finally opened my yap.

There’s nothing like saying something and having people look at you like you’re interrupting.

Do You Also Feel Like a Loser
Talking to Strangers?

Does it also frustrate you that people don’t see how great you really are? Sometimes you just want to say, “HEY, I’m a pretty damned cool person if you get to know me.”

The problem is how do we get them to know the real us if we can’t communicate well?

Poor social skills make you end up as an annoying pest instead of a welcome guest.

What about your weekends? Do you ever see groups of people out on a Saturday laughing and having a good time? Why aren’t you one of them? You’re alone like a piece of driftwood floating down the river, passing by unnoticed.

Life is meant to be shared; not spent in hibernation. If you don’t share yourself you can’t ever be happy.

Our affliction is a painful one others don’t understand. We walk through life alone AND we can’t express our need for help to anyone.

Most tell us “just get out there and talk to people” and “just be yourself”… yeah, no kidding. THANKS.

I’ll never forget the day that pushed me over the edge. It happened when…

A Whisper Ten Feet Away
Changed My Social Life Forever

So I get invited to this party by my brother. I didn’t want to go, but I was sick of sitting home alone on the weekends.

After we get there I follow him around, sorta like a dog. He talks to a girl he knows and there I am looking like a tree in a corn field. I’m 6’9″ (206cm), which made the situation more awkward. I was the only one not talking with someone.

I must have looked pathetic. As I stood there I heard someone mumble “what a loser”. I turned towards the whisperer and they looked away. I finally had confirmation. It wasn’t just the way I felt anymore, it was fact.

I’m a loser.

I was humiliated. Angry. Alone. I felt like fleeing and never talking to anybody again.

For the first time in my life I knew I couldn’t live this way. At that painful moment I vowed to solve my pain…

I began to study everything I could find on human behavior, body language, therapy, neuroscience, social dynamics, and more. What made us so anti-social?

I read piles of books and articles from all modern gurus and fathers of psychology like Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud seen below…

I learned a lot, but the real discovery came from something so simple it’s staggering…

This Astonishing Discovery
Makes People
Like, Respect, And Befriend You

Have you ever wondered why you’re comfortable around friends or family? You say and do almost anything without fear. Why’s that?

It’s because you made it through the barricade. The trick to smash the barricade is knowing how to easily approach, talk, and make friends so you can connect.

When you can form instant connections with someone, you immediately get them to like you and command their respect.

Amazingly I transformed! I changed from that lonely guy in a shell to the life of the party. I can talk to any cute girl, I don’t feel weird anymore, and I have fun when I want.

An article on page 3 of an Australian paper
reporting on my shy-to-social transformation
and how guys using my advice are doing
the same.

It took me 7 years to crack the code, but I can show you how in days.

How? Through my new Big Talk Training Course.

I wrote a 10-page document when my new friends wanted help with similar problems. When this document spread like a virus over blogs and Facebook, people wanted more so I made it into a complete system that’s the Big Talk Training Course.

The media is dazed at my transformation and how other shy guys also get fixed using my same cures.

Big Talk is the first and only course of its kind that shows you how to confidently and comfortably make friends with perfect strangers. No other course of my own or someone else’s is like it. It’s so effective even bestselling authors are stunned:

Big Talk cures shyness and problems making friends…

Joshua Uebergang asserts that the world desperately needs big talk. I agree!

Though small talk may open the door to a relationship, something far more interesting is needed if we’re to connect – professionally and personally – and connection is what it’s all about.

Joshua takes us into delicious new territory. For one thing, he tells us how to show up as ourselves and not frighten people off. A terrific book!

Susan Scott, Amazon bestselling author of Fierce Conversations and Fierce Leadership

So what is “big talk” and how is it the secret to you having fun, making friends, and feeling good? To answer this, let’s discuss small talk. Small talk is what we do when we don’t really care. Like “nice weather today” or “how about the game last night”. It’s filler and nobody has ever made a real connection from it.

Small talk starts a conversation and a relationship, but you need a complete set of skills to overcome anxiety and effortlessly connect with someone at a deeper level so they get the feeling, “Wow, I’m so happy to have met you!”

You probably make small talk with strangers and unknowingly use bits of big talk with friends. See the difference?

Around strangersAround friends
You worry about awkward silenceYou chat casually & silences are no big deal
You worry about saying the right and wrong thingsYou confidently say what comes to mind
You stress out, feel anxious, and feel uncomfortableYou enjoy yourself and feel totally comfortable

What if you could feel and make smooth conversation like you do with friends except with anyone – even perfect strangers? That is big talk!

The simple and massively effective techniques I’m about to share with you changed my life. Here is the opportunity for you to join me…

Introducing… Big Talk:
Effortlessly Talk to Win Friends
Anywhere With the Real You

Big Talk by Joshua Uebergang

The cutting-edge guide to become liked, respected, and desired by people

The “real you” is the person you want people to know you for. It’s who you REALLY are as a person. You’re most probably authentic and real around friends.

Imagine that relaxing feeling you get talking with friends. You’re happy and you effortlessly talk. You enjoy being with them.

Big talk gives you all that with strangers!

You may wonder if this is a hard-to-learn and time-consuming project. It isn’t.

I won’t bore you with psychobabble from my research. You want end results, not confusing talk. I’ve tested what works and what doesn’t so you can…

Skip From Shy and Rejected
to Cool and Popular – Fast!

You’ll tap into the secrets you’d otherwise miss of the world’s most likeable people.

It’s easy to understand so you can use all its simple and wickedly-effective techniques.

You’ll not only know what to say, you’ll discover “quiet connect” techniques (using just body language)…

Are you kidding? This is amazing…

Joshua, all I can say is WOW. I’m a student of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, and have read over a dozen ebooks on communication, friendship and starting conversations. I was hoping to get one or two new tips out of Big Talk.

Well, was I in for a surprise. Just looking through the table of contents I could tell I was in for an education, and the actual content delivers!

My favorite chapter is chapter 11 on non-verbal communication. After modifying my body language I’ve already noticed people responding more to me.

Big Talk has taken me to a whole new level! I’m able to connect with people more quickly, and I’m much more at ease in social situations.

Sid Savara, Personal development author and blogger


You’ll Be Amazed How Easy You
Break Free From Your Shell

To say I’m a different person now is a monstrous understatement.

Luckily you don’t need to plow through stacks of books, burn money on psychologists, and try everything for 7 years like I did. It’s all shown to you in a simple blueprint and guaranteed to work.

You’ll know enough simple methods to walk up to anyone, have a conversation tomorrow, and make them your friend. Here’s what else you’ll unlock…

What You’ll Discover From Big Talk

The Big Talk course gets you effortlessly making friends so you enjoy dinners, have fun at parties, and attract a lover.
  • Become a DESIRABLE person to be around. How to develop the once mysterious CHARISMATIC TRAITS of the world’s most loved persons so people love hanging out with you – pg. 23
  • Approach anyone you see. When you see a “hottie” in the club or at the market, you’ll know the perfect approach (without looking desperate and pathetic) – pg. 68
  • Start a conversation with anyone like clockwork. 27 cut-and-paste conversation starters to get you going NOW! Never beat yourself up again over not knowing how to meet people – pgs. 96-97
  • The GUARANTEED cure for your social anxiety and shyness… Also discover the hidden lies behind all other shyness cures and why they risk making you more afraid of socializing – pg. 41
  • Create CONNNECTIONS by listening. How to listen like a Buddhist Monk to connect with people at a deep level… Make strangers feel they’ve known you their entire life (A technique taught by no other communication expert) – pg. 104
  • Subliminally get people talking with you. “The Columbo Technique” shows you how to get people chatting about themselves giving you plenty to keep a conversation alive – pg. 100
  • Kill awkward silences… with the GIANTS formula exclusive to Big Talk… how to always have something interesting to say even if you live a boring life – pgs. 57-59
  • Be SOCIABLE all the time. How to be TALKATIVE and friendly at the start of a party like most people are at the end… No alcohol needed! (Enjoy parties and win friends from the beginning) – pg. 67
  • Forge deep FRIENDSHIPS with people. The new “connecting conversation formula” shows you in 5 steps what to say to deeply connect with a stranger in less than 30 minutes (Husbands after 5 years of marriage ENVY the connection I build with their wives) – pg. 101
  • Body language secrets of LOVABLE people. 10 little mistakes you’re doing that turn people off before you open your mouth… and their instant fix – pgs. 138-139
  • Become POPULAR even if you’re afraid to leave the house. Afraid of bars and clubs so you stay at home? Here’s how to become a fun, talkative, sober-party-animal with this shy person’s formula for an amazing social life – pg. 39
  • Cast a great SMILE everytime. A 200-year-old forgotten method to turn your smile into a welcome mat (You don’t need to be Brad Pitt to have a inviting smile – I’ll show you how) – pg. 140
  • Build a SEXY voice. How to tap into the secret of a “sexy voice” especially if you hate how you sound – pg. 141
  • Make people feel AMAZING with your eyes. The “Trifecta Gaze”… Three methods of eye contact to make people almost drool with puppy-dog eyes at you – pg. 143
  • Immediately command RESPECT and ATTENTION from people. Princeton University study shows how to be liked by anyone within 5 seconds (Hint: it’s not what you say or what you look like) – pg. 67
  • Easily deal with rude people… and have on-lookers admire you. 1950-year-old exercise from philosopher Seneca shows you how to comfortably deal with tough “jerks”, difficult people, and embarrassments (Many head-slapping moments here!) – pg. 120
  • Everyday listening pitfalls and their fixes. Do you have one of these 5 ugly listening personalities people hate? (Includes tips to beautify your listening personality) – pg. 105
  • Make FRIENDS without opening your mouth. 12 universal laws of approaching strangers to make them want to talk with you – pg. 69
  • Be COOL and CALM at all times. Russian mind-trick used by 2012 Olympic athletes blocks you from worrying what people think of you… – pg. 123
  • Get people walking up to talk to you. 3 almost-psychic techniques get SEXY women and men to start a conversation with you… and keep them around (Be like a lazy celebrity where others go crazy to meet you) – pgs. 72-73
  • ENTERTAIN people for as long as you care. What does a 17th century magician’s secret have to do with you always saying something that keeps people’s attention? – pg. 85
  • Make large numbers of friends quick. How to confidently get a group of close women and men you’ve never met to accept you in their group – pg. 31
  • Feel STUNNING talking to strangers. 10 surprising secrets from a Jazz musician to get comfortable in any conversation… no matter how horrible you are at talking with strangers – pgs. 127-130
  • Make women stalk you… no joke so be careful. One woman wanted me so badly she stalked me. Techniques to evoke animalistic urges from hot women! (Make women attracted to you even if you’re fat, bald, and ugly) – pg. 28
  • An estimated 100 other easy-to-use techniques covering all you need to finally live your social life to the fullest – pgs. 1-163

This course is an A-Z training on connecting with people in a real way never seen in any website, course, or book. You learn how to master your emotions, approach strangers, start conversations, keep talking, make people like you, leave people feeling great, and more!

Will This Actually Work For You?

Included in the Big Talk Training Course is the Big Talk Workbook: The Step-by-Step Action Plan for Conversation and Social Life Transformation.

Big Talk Workbook by Joshua Uebergang

The workbook you get which has 26 exercises to guarantee you become a people magnet

You get the workbook because the course is no magical formula like swallowing a weight loss pill to melt fat. You get the best results I promise if you follow the step-by-step action plan.

You will change your social life fast with Big Talk and the workbook… it’s not something to glance at and forget.

Rest assure the workbook guides you by the hand as you safely follow me at your own pace – even if you’re too afraid to leave the house.

Here’s a sample of the Big Talk Workbook:

  • Try this exercise on page 8 the next time you want to INSTANTLY connect with a stranger
  • 10-second emotions-buster exercise you can use in the middle of a crowd, at a party, or any place to feel totally comfortable
  • ALWAYS have something interesting to say in any situation with my favorite exercise on page 10
  • The “fear killer”… Do this trick on page 8 and I GUARANTEE you’ll happily walk up to anyone and start a conversation
  • How to “mind-read” to discover what others truly think of you
  • That’s a sample of 5 exercises… You get 26 step-by-step exercises (every single one designed to quickly take you from shy and rejected to cool and happy)!

Here’s What You Get in this Power-Packed Course:

Big Talk Package

The Big Talk package which comes with lifetime updates so you’re never alone again
  1. Big Talk: Effortlessly Talk to Win Friends Anywhere with the Real You (valued at US$97). A 163-page ebook (PDF) with step-by-step instructions and templates to break free from your shell
  2. Big Talk Workbook: The Step-by-Step Action Plan for Conversation and Social Life Transformation (valued at US$27). I take you by the hand step-by-step as you safely follow me at your own pace and transform from shy-to-cool
  3. Unlimited lifetime updates. Get every new tip on socializing, the latest research findings, and golden gems added to the book for life! (estimated value US$194)

You get Big Talk, the workbook, and lifetime updates. This totals US$318 if you could buy everything alone. You won’t pay $318, however. I won’t even let you pay half that ($159). You get permanent access to the entire course for only US$97!

This is the blueprint system I charge US$3000 for in my face-to-face, full-day coaching. Why then am I selling it for only $97?

1) Big Talk duplicates my years of expertise to save me time teaching 1000’s of people
2) I hope you like it so much that you buy more of my products
3) To give you a great social life.

Even though that’s a more-than-fair deal for you, I understand it’s tough finding someone you trust online. I want to be certain your comfortable and safe by seeing the guarantee you get when you invest in the course…

How Will This Complete
Shy-to-Cool System
Make Your Life Incredible?

Everything you need to slaughter your shyness and make friends or find a lover is crammed into the course. The skills you learn transform your entire day:

  • Have a great chat anywhere like when you order a coffee
  • Get that cutie’s phone number at the supermarket without being awkward
  • Work magic on your boss (Move up in the company. Oh yeah, and make more money)
  • Make someone’s day great by knowing how to make them feel like a million dollars
  • Effortlessly build your network (Powerful salesmen and businessmen have top communication skills)
  • Save relationships with friends and family (Good conversation is the heart of any relationship)

You can have all this but…

To Truly Turn Your Life Around
You Must Do Things Differently…

And it is possible right now. Success guru Anthony Robbins knows one decision you make now can lead to a new life.

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision,” said Robbins. “You must know that in any moment a decision you make can change the course of your life forever: the very next person you stand behind in line or sit next to on an airplane, the very next phone call you make or receive, the very next movie you see or book you read or page you turn could be the one single thing that causes the floodgates to open, and all of the things that you’ve been waiting for fall into place.”

If you’re sick of feeling humilated around people, can’t talk to strangers, and want to finally meet someone you love, this is your opportunity to make a change.

You have nothing to lose, the price is fair. You can order the course in your country right now by clicking the order link below. Now you need to take action…

YES Josh, I’m ready for a change and willing to try your guaranteed system:

  • I know you’ll take me step-by-step through all your proven strategies
  • I know you’ve been where I am now so you know what will really help me
  • I know you’ll not abandon me and you’ll be there after I buy this course
  • I know that if this proven course does not work for me I can get a full refund

Instant Download - Burst Badge BlueThe transaction is secured with world-leading SSL encryption technology for guaranteed privacy and security. After ordering, I’ll receive my special link to INSTANTLY download the entire program! Nothing is shipped to my address because it is a digital program. I can start the course 5 minutes from now.
I’m ready to start living by clicking the link below to go to the next step…

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See you on the inside.

Your new friend,

Joshua Uebergang aka “Tower of Power”

P.S. You can literally use dozens of these techniques today and start making friends fast. I promise you’ll be impressed by how easy it is to do that I give you a 365-day money-back guarantee. I’m that confident you’ll be delighted by what you find – you may even brag about my course for me to your new friends. You’re only one click away – join me today.

P.S.S. If you’re bogged at any point, need help, or can’t find an answer to a scorching question, you’re never lost. Sign up now and you’ll join the Big Talk Bootcamp, which includes weekly emails where I answer questions and share my newest findings ($27 value). Click here to order now.

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