The Conversation Skills 101 Mini-Course

A Conversation Framework to Help You Know What to Say

“Aargh! What should I say!?”

Ever find yourself thinking that when you want to talk to someone new but can’t? You rack your brains, searching for the words. But somehow, nothing seems right.

Or perhaps you actually try out one of the starting lines you agonized over, only to have him or her or them treat you like a beggar at a gas station.

If so, this conversation skills 101 mini-course can help. It will give you a conversation framework packed with great principles and best practices.

That’s important, because when you sense you have a better idea of what to do socially, your confidence grows.

I learned these skills from personal experience and the combined wisdom of several conversation, relationship and interpersonal communication experts. These lessons have been SO valuable to me. I know they’ll help you too.

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About the Author: Dean J is a former shy-guy and the creator of Conversation Skills Core.

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