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“I feel I have nothing to say to ‘those types’ of people. Like my life doesn’t compare to theirs. So I’d just make a fool of myself trying to talk to them. They’d feel awkward with me around and probably make fun of me without me knowing. They’d try to find a way to just get the hell away from me.”

– Dean J

That’s from a journal entry I made many years ago. It describes my feelings on talking to people I thought were “cooler” than me or more successful somehow.

I missed out on so much life because of my irrational fears and lack of good social skills. But the happy ending is, I started looking for help and found some decent advice to start me improving.

That’s what I hope to provide for you here with these tutorials…some solid advice that’s helped me and will probably help you too.

Here’s to your social success!

Dean J

The Conversation Skills 101 Mini-Course

Conversation Skills 101If you improve conversation skills, you reduce shyness & boost social confidence. You’re more outgoing b/c you know what to say & do. This course shows you how by giving you a conversation framework to follow. 

Click Here for Conversation Skills 101


How to Overcome Shyness 101

How to Stop Being ShyHowever you experience it, one thing is clear: Shyness stops you getting the most from life. So here’s some tips and advice on how to overcome shyness and be more confident.
Click Here for Overcoming Shyness 101
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