Conversation Topics 10-28-11

Avoid awkward silences with these all new Conversation Topics!

A HUGE fear stopping people from starting conversations is running out of things to say.

I’ve given suggestions before of how to keep a conversation going, but it feels good to have something to fall back on when your social mojo goes flat.

That’s what these Conversation Topics posts are for! Read on…

In this week’s topics: Costume Ideas from Hallowmeme | Beavis and Butt-head Return | and Mother Saves Child by Tossing Him Out the Window

Avoid awkward silences by having something to talk about!

Crazy concept I know…so here are some recent news (and not-so-news) stories I’ve hand-picked as a resource for you. I’ve picked them because they’re the type of topics most people could either get a laugh from or have an opinion on.

Remember, that’s the point. You want them talking so you can use their responses to move the conversation forward. Good things to say after you tell the story could be, “what do you think about that?,” or “have you ever experienced something like that, before?”

How do you bring these up? Just say something like, “Oh did you hear about…” OR, “Oh, guess what I read the other day?” Your enthusiasm will cause them to be curious and want to hear more.

Below, you’ll find the story headline/link and a brief description of ways you might use it in a conversation.

This Week’s Topics

Pictures from the Best Internet Party of the Year: Hallomeme

Well, it’s Halloween weekend (even though the BEST holiday ever is on Monday), so it’s an obvious topic to bring up. The pictures of different costumes in this story can be your jumping off point. Just talk about how cool or silly the outfit is. You can also ask if they’re dressing up. Maybe he or she is obviously NOT the type of person who would dress up, so you could ask jokingly. But eventually you could lead the conversation to past costumes either of you have worn or seen. What about great scary movies? Times you’ve been most scared? See all the possibilities?

Beavis and Butt-head Back on TV

Speaking of scary… So, I’ll admit. I used to watch this show. Some. Kinda thought it was stupid back then even though it gave me the occasional laugh. In any case, it’s a big opinion piece. People will either really like or really hate this show. So tell them you hear it’s coming back on. Ask with a smile if they’d watch it. This conversation could lead to other shows both of you watched when younger.

Mother Drops Child from Burning Building into Arms of Stranger

A more dramatic story, this one has a somewhat serious tone. Since all ended well however, it’s still “light and fluffy.” After briefly recounting the story, you can ask what they would have done. How hard would it have been for them to jump out the window or trust strangers like that? If they don’t have kids, what would be the first thing they’d save from the fire? This is a good “getting to know you emotionally” type story.

So remember to keep these in mind this weekend or all next week to use in any conversational lulls you get into. After all, one of the secret conversation skills of “naturals” is to have “stock” material to fall back on.

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