Conversation Topics 11-25-11 “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Avoid awkward silences with these all new Conversation Topics!

A HUGE fear stopping people from starting conversations is running out of things to say.

I’ve given suggestions before of how to keep a conversation going, but it feels good to have something to fall back on when your social mojo goes flat.

That’s what these Conversation Topics posts are for! Read on…

In this week’s topics: 10 Unusual Thanksgiving Facts | Woman Pepper Sprays Fellow Shoppers | and Boy Rescues Mom w/ BB Gun

Avoid awkward silences by having something to talk about!

Crazy concept I know…so here are some recent news (and not-so-news) stories I’ve hand-picked as a resource for you. I’ve picked them because they’re the type of topics most people could either get a laugh from or have an opinion on.

Remember, that’s the point. You want them talking so you can use their responses to move the conversation forward. Good things to say after you tell the story could be, “what do you think about that?,” or “have you ever experienced something like that, before?”

How do you bring these up? Just say something like, “Oh did you hear about…” OR, “Oh, guess what I read the other day?” Your enthusiasm will cause them to be curious and want to hear more.

Below, you’ll find the story headline/link and a brief description of ways you might use it in a conversation.

This Week’s Topics

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Thanksgiving

Many times, going with the obvious in conversation is best. Like this weekend for example. In the U.S., it’s the Thanksgiving Holidays. So use that! Ask someone how their Thanksgiving was. If for some reason you feel you need to be more tactful, ask them if they celebrate it at all first. Of course this could lead to talk about family, food, tradition. It’s a very rich topic. The article linked to above can also give you plenty of “conversation pieces” to bring up.

Woman pepper sprays other Black Friday shoppers

Haha, c’mon! Here’s a funny story to throw into any conversation. Again, it’s timely with the U.S. Holidays. (If you don’t know, Black Friday is the day after U.S. Thanksgiving & the biggest shopping day of the year in the States.) This woman was SO serious about her shopping, she pepper sprayed other shoppers to keep them away from “her” merchandise. This is good for a quick laugh and can lead to talk of holiday shopping stories, holiday wishlists or just crazy people in general…your pick.

Bellingham boy shoots mom’s attacker in face with BB gun

Feel good stories can be great to add emotion to conversations. This one can do that. It’s not sappy emotion, but it’s got that, “Yeah! Way to go kid!” kinda feel. I wouldn’t go into the “brutal” details (not that it’s all that brutal), but giving a general overview of the story and the boys actions is a satisfying story. And the fact it’s a good story is key. Telling stories is a great way to engage others and get them interested in talking to you.

So remember to keep these in mind this weekend or all next week to use in any conversational lulls you get into. After all, one of the secret conversation skills of “naturals” is to have “stock” material to fall back on.

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