Conversation Topics 5/6/11

Amp your Conversations with these Conversation TopicsHere’s an all new Conversation Topics!

I’m sure you know one of the biggest fears stopping people from starting conversations is the fear of running out of things to say.

I’ve given suggestions before of how to keep a conversation going, but sometimes it feels good to have an ACE in your pocket. Something you can fall back on if your social mojo falls flat for a moment. Well, that’s what these Conversation Topics posts are made for. Read on….

In this week’s topics Jersey Shore goes Italia, the Oldest Marriage Ever, and a Campus Underpants Run.

Avoid lulls by having something to talk about!

Crazy concept I know…so here are some recent news (and not-so-news) stories I’ve hand-picked as a resource for you. I’ve picked them because they’re the type of topics most people could either get a laugh from or have an opinion on.

Remember, that’s the point. You want to get them talking so you can use their responses to move the conversation forward. Some good things to say after you recount the story could be, “what do you think about that?,” or “have you ever experienced something like that, before?”

How do you bring it up? Just say something like, “Oh did you hear about…” Or, “Oh, guess what I read the other day?” Your enthusiasm will cause them to be curious and want to hear more.

Below, you’ll find the story headline/link and a brief description of ways you might use it in a conversation.

This Week’s Topics

Italian College WARNS Students — Beware of ‘Jersey’

No matter if you like Jersey Shore or not (I’m not a fan, I must say) this story is a good topic because Jersey Shore raises strong opinions, but still in a light way. It’ll usually get people talking. Besides, the reaction of the university housing department is pretty funny.

World’s oldest newlyweds give marriage tips… and reveal secret to longevity is wine, whiskey and fried food

This story is a gem. There are so many topics you can spin off into from this one: The cuteness of the couple, relationships, the nature of love…it can really be diverse. Besides that you could bring up the fact that they did a lot of the “wrong” things according to doctors but are still trucking along at their age. Great material here!

ASU’s Undie Runners “Cause a Ruckus.” Police Forced to Shut Down Student Union; 12 Arrested

Another funny story. The farce of expecting 1000’s of drunk students to run in their underpants but still be orderly is hilarious. This topic can be spun off into crazy things you or the person you’re talking to has done before. Or perhaps you haven’t done anything too crazy and you can talk about how you’d like to OR how that just isn’t you. What about them?


So remember to keep these in mind this weekend or all next week to use in any conversational lulls you might encounter. After all, one secret of conversational “naturals” is to have “stock” material to fall back on.

PLUS, please share your stories of where these topics take your conversations. How did you use them? How did it go? Reply in the comment section below.

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