Download Instructions

Here’s how to download and use your new course.

NOTE: Having trouble downloading/opening course on your android/IOS device? See note at the bottom of this page…

Step 1: Click the download button on the download page and choose “Save File.” (Note: You may have to “right click” and choose “save as.” Mac users press “control + click”).

The course is saved as a .zip file.

Most computers these days come with the ability to open zip files. If yours doesn’t, you can get the free version of Winzip here:

Or you might try Keka for Mac:

Step 2: Once you’ve opened the zip file, simply drag the Fearless Flow folder onto your desktop.

Step 3: Inside you’ll find all the mp3 audio files plus Pdfs and bonuses. You can then listen to the mp3s on your computer or load to your phone or any other mp3 audio player. You might also load the files to Itunes if you use that.

You’ll need Adobe Reader to read the Pdf files. Again, most computers and smartphones these days have the ability to read these files. If not, you can get the free Adobe Reader here:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The course is saved in “zip file” format. This is to make it easier to download the various audio/text files as ONE download. However, sometimes android/IOS devices (like smartphones, tablets, etc.) have issues downloading and opening zip files. Because of this, I recommend you FIRST download the course to your computer (desktop/laptop) and open the zip file there (as detailed above). THEN transfer the files inside the zip file to your device using usb connection, Itunes, etc.

If you don’t have a computer (or just really want to download and open the zip file itself on your device), here are some FREE device apps that can help:

Android: Androzip on Play Store Free

IOS (iphone/ipad): Zip Viewer in itunes Free


Dean J