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Here's the entire Conversation And Confidence video training series for your convenience.

The final video will be coming out soon so keep an eye on your inbox. I'm not sure what time of day it'll launch.

In the meantime, enjoy the series!

Video 1: What To Do When You Don't Know What To Say

(PLUS The Wrong Question To Ask)

Video 2: The Truth About Gaining Confidence

(The 'How-To' Most Gurus Leave Out)

Video 3: Strategy To Become 'A Charmer'

Without All The Overwhelm


17 responses to “Video 1: What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Say (PLUS The Wrong Question To Ask)”

  1. todd says:

    My ideal social life would involve me being comfortable in my own skin. If I could access that headspace where I feel at ease with my identity and can be free to follow my passions without worrying about what others think, then I know my life would be so much richer.

  2. Arnold says:

    Wow that part about working on too many tactics and stuff at once hit home for me. I try to put some of that stuff into play but I just get in front of someone and its like i have no idea what to do anymore. It all gets jumbled in my head. This video made a lot of sense especially the framework. Gonna try and focus on just that for a while haha.Thanks!

  3. Wendy says:

    Wrong question for me – as a happy introvert I don’t want the most amazing social life ever. “Ideal” for me would be that when I am in a social situation out of my comfort zone, I don’t clam up/just listen in to others’ conversations And – as others have said – it’s about being confident enough to make/initiate a conversation in the first place – and then to keep it flowing. Some tips to try out on your video – thanks.

  4. Kleinson says:

    Right this makes sense. but I guess my question is what if cant get myself to talk to some people in the first place?

  5. Nikol says:

    dean this video ws awesome! Thanks you so much!!

  6. RF says:

    Yes yes yes! This is just what I needed. Ca’t wait for the next videos! I would love to konw I could just strike up fun conversations with people anywhere. Like my life would be an adventure then lol. Been following your stuff for a while now dean you give gr8 advice

  7. Anna says:

    If I had my dream id finally feel lik people respect me. And I wouldnt feel so inferior talking to some of the people I deal with at work. Id be relaxed around them. Great vid btw!

  8. Wendy says:

    Excellent advice: thank you. Just got to try and make it work! I agree with the other comments by viewers that what you said about your own issues describes my character, limiting beliefs and behaviours to a T. I don’t think I have anything interesting or worth saying. I feel inadequate when standing alongside those who just get in there and shine. I guess that comes across. The only way I’ve found to combat this before (in small social groups) is by showing interest in the other person – but as you’ve said elsewhere, that’s just one side of keeping a conversation going: I need to put some of myself into that discussion too.

  9. Anna says:

    Wow really liking these videos. So much I never even thought about. I know my deal is I just feel like people don’t like me. that they look down on me. How can I get past this?

  10. tree says:

    Thanks for this Dean. It’s the first time I hear someone describe, almost exactly, my experience. So, apparently, I’m not the only one! Well… my limiting thought, on a loop, is telling myself I’m a hopeless social-retard and limiting behaviour is giving up by hiding at home and almost never going out anymore.

  11. Lod says:

    It was like you were talking about my life when you were sharing your story! Theres so much I can relate to in there. I defenitly stay quite around strangers and in groups. Im always the one standing off to the side not saying much at all. With my friends its different. I can be pretty crazy around them. why is that?! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Jen says:

    i decided after watching this that enough is enough! I’m tried of going places with my friend and she just talks to anyone and they love her while I”m standing around saying squat. I guess part of my limititng ideas is I wouldnt have anything fun to say. So I dont say anything!! I’m sick of it though. Im so glad you put up these videos i cant wait for the next one. I already have so many ideas of how i’m gonna improve myself and start getting out there more

  13. Barbara says:

    A year from now I would like to be comfortable initiating conversation with new people, enjoying socializing instead of fearing it, and by not withdrawing and isolating from situations become more vulnerable, and more fun to talk to. Socializing freely would be a breath of fresh air!!

  14. Chris says:

    Ok…so you’ve got me curious about this fearless flow system, lol. Whens the next video?

  15. RF says:

    this explain so much!! Im really going to try this tomorow. its all abot action right??

  16. Jen says:

    In one year Ill be able to be speak up more instead of being so quiet. And i’ll be more fun and laid back. Plus I want a group of people to go do stuff with more often!!

  17. Steve king says:

    Your right doent matter what other people think just be yourself. I get lost for words when i am talking with a person and someone else stops by to chat with us i have to relax and just be myself thanks

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