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Video 1: What To Do When You Don't Know What to Say

(PLUS The Wrong Question To Ask)


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Video 1

  1. Anna says:

    If I had my dream id finally feel lik people respect me. And I wouldnt feel so inferior talking to some of the people I deal with at work. Id be relaxed around them. Great vid btw!

    • Dean J says:

      Thanks Anna! Yeah that feeling of respect was something I craved for the longest too. I always had that feeling others saw me as nice but not “friend material.”

  2. RF says:

    Yes yes yes! This is just what I needed. Ca’t wait for the next videos! I would love to konw I could just strike up fun conversations with people anywhere. Like my life would be an adventure then lol. Been following your stuff for a while now dean you give gr8 advice

    • Dean J says:

      I talk more about that in the series actually. THAnks!

  3. Nikol says:

    dean this video ws awesome! Thanks you so much!!

  4. Kleinson says:

    Right this makes sense. but I guess my question is what if cant get myself to talk to some people in the first place?

    • Dean J says:

      Kleinson thanks for the comment. I actually talk about that a bit at the end of the video. And we’ll be going into it more in the next video too!

  5. Arnold says:

    Wow that part about working on too many tactics and stuff at once hit home for me. I try to put some of that stuff into play but I just get in front of someone and its like i have no idea what to do anymore. It all gets jumbled in my head. This video made a lot of sense especially the framework. Gonna try and focus on just that for a while haha.Thanks!

  6. todd says:

    My ideal social life would involve me being comfortable in my own skin. If I could access that headspace where I feel at ease with my identity and can be free to follow my passions without worrying about what others think, then I know my life would be so much richer.

  7. Wendy says:

    Wrong question for me – as a happy introvert I don’t want the most amazing social life ever. “Ideal” for me would be that when I am in a social situation out of my comfort zone, I don’t clam up/just listen in to others’ conversations And – as others have said – it’s about being confident enough to make/initiate a conversation in the first place – and then to keep it flowing. Some tips to try out on your video – thanks.

  8. Steve says:

    Dean thanks a lot very informative. I hope to find out how to speak to people who actually intimidate me. Either as a boss or someone who’s just higher up.

  9. Victoria says:

    My ideal social life would not being in my head so much and just to be confident around people I feel inferior by. I also got to just not be nervous in conversations and thinking about what to say. And hope to just strike up a conversation.

  10. Rufena says:

    This technique would be helpful on my daily life. Thank u for this Mr. Dean J.

  11. Ashley says:

    My ideal social life would be so much more fun and spontaneous. I could talk to anyone and be carefree! I would like to not care what people think of me, and be confident in who I am. One statement that really stood out to me in your video was to say my first thoughts instead of overthinking and trying to say the right thing. That has been a huge problem for me. I look forward to practicing and becoming better. Thanks, Dean!

  12. Madeline says:

    This video was more helpful for me than you think. There are certain people in my life that I can never find the courage to talk to. One thing particular that you said was to build that true lasting confidence. Thank you Dean.

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