The Hidden Psychological Glitch Causing Doubt & Inconsistent Charm

Let's get straight to the point. What the research shows is...

When your confidence and charisma vanish, it's because of FEAR.

  • Fear of saying the wrong thing...
  • Fear of being boring...
  • Fear of getting embarrassed...
  • Fear of not being good enough...

It's fear of social rejection in one form or another. And for you, it's stuck on overdrive.

Because your "fight or flight response" has likely glitched-out.

Yes, fight or flight... that whole evolution, "prepare you for lions" concept. For you, it's gone a bit B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Which can cause you to feel nervous even in non-threatening social situations.

THIS is what causes you to blank on what to say...

To avoid talking to some people altogether...

To subconsciously signal to others you aren't worth their time...

How Did This Happen?

Here, let me explain.

The REAL reason this is happening is because...

On a cellular level, the part of your mind responsible for socializing has become directly linked to your brain's fear center.

I discovered this psychological glitch because of recent findings on "Neural Pathways."

Neural Pathways are connections between different parts of your brain. See when you learn something new, your brain creates a PHYSICAL neural connection.

These connections are real. Like a strong rope created by weaving smaller strings together.

For someone suffering erratic self-doubt, harmful direct connections have been carved into the fabric of their mind.

Often this happens because of painful, embarrassing experiences as a child.

These negative emotional events have changed the physical structure of your brain.

In other words, a destructive “neural pattern” of social uncertainty and fear got locked-in. And has sabotaged you ever since.

THIS is what makes self-doubt so hard to overcome. It's why even though you consciously realize there's no reason to feel nervous, you STILL get paralyzed.

Those destructive neural links still exist in your brain.

And when you're socializing with "intimidating" people, these links trigger your fight or flight instincts. So you automatically get nervous, awkward, and quiet.

You've become "wired" to get the same sad results over and over...

Even when you learn some new social gimmick, or tell yourself, "what's the worst that can happen..."

There IS A Very Simple Solution Though...

One that quickly re-patterns the neural pathways in your mind from fear to confidence.

So you can finally HAVE FUN socially. And delete your insecurity around those "intimidating" people for good...

...without acting fake to fit in, using ridiculous scripts and conversations starters or getting stuck in your head trying to remember 100s of social tricks.

I want to reveal the entire process to you.

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These are the same strategies that completely opened my eyes to something I had never even considered. I've totally changed my approach to socializing with new people and making friends ever since.

Since I began using these methods, this is what my day to day looks like...

  • I now wake up each day excited. Certain I'll be able to effortlessly talk to and charm the people I meet.
  • I feel confident like those charismatic naturals. Easily approaching people, opening my mouth, and knowing what to say.
  • I hear myself flow, saying fun, authentic things off the top of my head.
  • I finally see new people smiling, responding great to me. Because I can now make connections that grow deeper. All because I've removed my social fears.

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I really hope these methods have the same impact on you as they did for me. Because it has completely changed everything in my life for the better!

Kind Regards,

Dean J

Creator of Conversation Skills Core, Free From Shyness & Fearless Flow (2011 - 2017)

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