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  1. Kristaps says:

    Hey, Dean, really digging the new vlog thing! Is this going to be the new way of doing things? :)

    • Dean J says:

      Actually yes! I plan on starting a Youtube channel fairly soon with more vids. Plus, there’s a couple more videos in the newsletter that have a similar-ish format. Glad you like it!

  2. Sadig says:

    That was excellent I like ht. I am interested in building self confidence especially in presentation and public speaking if you have any contribution in this field I would like to know with great appreciation and pleasure

    • Dean J says:


      My best recommendation for getting better at public speaking is Toastmasters. These clubs can be found all over the states and around the world as well. Search locally for one. They’re great practicing public speaking and getting positive, constructive feedback. Good luck!

  3. Pat says:

    +1, I like the newsletter vlog series thing

  4. Matthew says:

    Hi, awesome video! very helpful! but how do i watch another video?

    • Dean J says:

      Matthew thanks. Helpful was definitely what I was going for; glad you liked it. If you already signed up for the newsletter (FREE), you should be getting another video in a day or so. If not, no worries. Just use the box to the right of the video to sign up. AGain, it’s free

  5. Agge says:

    Hey Thank you alot for the advice!

  6. Valerie says:

    That was really helpful. Thank you so much! -Val :)

  7. Andy says:

    Wow – it’s like you just summed up my feelings over the last year or so. Thankyou!

  8. Hey thanks man. Very helpful! I was looking at this mainly to keep conversation going with women bc I often blank. I have one question tho. I think what you said about you have to talk about yourself and not be afraid to respond to there statement with a statement about youself. But what if the statement you make isnt interesting!? Please respond. Im a highschool student that gets a good share of girls. And when walking from class to class idk what to say. I think ask her about class. But class always sucks lmao. And that everyday gets boring fast. Idk if you recommend these other tips I heard like treating them just like a friend. And dont try to romantiscize her. But when I do that too much of me being a guy comes out and I really like sports. Im a 3 sport athlete. And too much sports comes out . Yeah theres girls out there that love sports too but those arent my type of women. I like girly girls that care about there hair a whole bunch and if they look good etc. And more on the interesting thing…im an interesting person woth out a doubt. But sports practically year round and przvtives after skoo ALL the time and even on saturdays. Makes me miss oppurtunities to do other stuff, limiting how i can reply to there statment!

  9. Stefan Svard says:

    I liked this, thanks. I`ll continue following…

  10. laura says:

    My confidence is often shattered by the following situation:Someone says he/she wants to tell me something.I approach with a smile on my face.That person suddenly starts criticizing me or says something unpleasant about me.My smile fades away.This happens to me all the time.How can i enjoy conversations in that situation? Please help!

    • Dean J says:

      Laura, my first instinct is to tell you to forget those people. That’s rude of them and very inconsiderate. You don’t have to accept behavior like that. If they do that, don’t even respond to them. Just give them a disgusted look, turn around and walk away. There are millions of people in the world who’d probably be better friends than the people who do what you’re describing.

      • laura says:

        Thank you,Dean.Strangers on the street are also rude to each other.For example,i use the bus daily.Although i pay for the service of public transportation,the bus driver once started to shout at me for not getting down of the bus faster.I mention that was the end of the route,so he was in no hurry.When i gave him the disgusted look,he began insulting me even worse.I stared into his eyes,which gave him the opportunity to call me ugly.I felt so insignificant and devalued.Other fellow travellers witnessed the conflict,but did nothing to defend me.I turned around and walked away feeling humiliated as a woman.I did not engage in further conflict,but he did ruin my day.
        You are right;these people don’t deserve more than a disgusted look.Still,i feel like a coward for not putting him in his place.Being a tax payer who contributes to his salary was an excellent argument.Why didn’t i have the courage to throw it in his face,as he deserved?Why do my best replies come to mind only after the verbal attack,and not during it? Inconsiderate people win every time because i don’t have the guts to speak up for myself.

  11. RichardN says:

    Hi, from what I have already read, i think this site will change my life!
    I really appreciate the effort made for providing these useful and FREE stuff. PEACE.

  12. Stefan says:

    I appreciate you talking the time to put this information out there for free, Its just what I was looking for. Thank You.

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