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Introducing Fearless Flow Conversation & Confidence System

The unexpected true story of an awkward, quiet, shy-guy who discovered loneliness DOESN’T last forever when you have…

The “Exercise-Based” Strategy That Reliably Builds Approach-Anyone Confidence & Natural Social Skills So You’re Genuinely Interesting & Able To Connect For Deep, Lasting Friendships
– In improv comedy, professional actors use carefully designed exercises to develop spontaneity and a quick wit.

– It’s what allows them to come up with a never-ending stream of FUN, relevant things to say in the moment.

– And you’re about to discover how you can also feel confident knowing what to say, on the spot, no matter who you’re with.

…by using the same unusual strategy (merged with tested social psychology) to become THAT person people desperately want in their lives.

improv_Large_wcircle text
From The Local Coffee Shop Of: Dean J

I’m going to share a few unconventional ideas with you today…

Reframe the way you think about your social ability and making friends.

Debunk a lot of the confidence and charisma hype you’ve been exposed to.

…and give you a simple, step by step strategy that’ll transform every social encounter you have into an opportunity to connect, make new friends, and enjoy life fully.

Over the last 5 years, this unconventional strategy has been responsible for 100s of lives moving across the spectrum, from shy to more confident and outgoing.

It’s unconventional because it uses what’s called “Perception Patterning ™ Exercises.”

Leveraging the latest cutting edge research into social psychology and shyness therapy.

AND the approach of improv actors who train to be quick on their feet. Inventing fun, engaging stories in seconds.

Like “social naturals,” they can quickly use:

  • Their surroundings
  • What others say
  • What pops in their head

…to come up with relevant, engaging things to talk about.

Without hesitation.

This unique style of practical training exercises is how they do it.

And it’s SO powerful because it triggers an odd psychological hack we all have…

And below, I’m going to show you how you can easily trigger this hack to become a natural (i.e. REAL) version of you who is ALSO charming.

So people invite you into their lives yet respect and like you for YOU.

Which will give you the almost magical ability to “make things happen” socially wherever you are.

…just like some of these experiences me and my students have had:

  • Going from zero friends to a full social circle in weeks
  • Moving a conversation on a plane into a romantic relationship
  • Talking to strangers in a bar then hanging out together all night
  • Turning weekends alone into too many invites to attend
  • Transforming acquaintances into deep, lasting friendships

Of course…

The power to experience these types of results doesn’t come from JUST skills.

(Because often we’re so nervous we get paralyzed. So we can’t “just get out there.” OR if we do work up the courage to be more social, we seem awkward and get rejected.)

It also requires you to GO DEEPER and develop TRUE confidence. The kind that lasts. That’s ALWAYS on. So you don’t have to think about it anymore.

Most top shyness experts agree that addressing the CORE ISSUES causing your nervousness is key.

Instead of just trying to cover up the symptoms by “being fake.”

You need to break the “Shyness Cycle.”

Which is why shyness and anxiety researchers like Philip Zimbardo, Bernardo Carduchi, Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis recommend the same types of strategies included in this system. Social psychology methods backed by mountains of research papers.

Shyness & Anxiety Experts

If you often feel too quiet, insecure or awkward socially, read every word on this page.

…’cause you may already know “confidence is king.”

But what I expose to you to today will be far different (more effective) than anything you’ve been taught about charm and social skills.

It’ll probably change the way you go about socializing.

And could help you finally lift that weight off your shoulders and say “I’ve done it…”

You’ve come through the other side as confident, more talkative, and easily able to connect.

Even if it seems you never know what to say.

Even if you sometimes feel boring and like you have nothing to offer.

Even if you’ve been stuck in a cycle of trying and failing.

Best part?

Because you’re not seen as awkward or weird anymore and no longer turn others off…

And because you build confidence, authenticity and skills naturally through exercises…

You can be more yourself AND still charm others without acting fake, needing therapists, pills, OR ridiculous sounding advice that’s too intimidating to act on.

(Which makes being social a lot more enjoyable than it may be now. So you can make up for lost time and start living fully.)

If you don’t have that level of social ease now…

You are literally missing out — spending time alone that could be with new friends and experiences.

You don’t want that. Neither do I.

So let’s start right away with a bit of background.

It’s important you understand the origins of this system…

My Name Is Dean J

Dean J at macy parade

I’m the creator of Fearless Flow – the conversation and confidence system you’re going to read about here.

I’ve been a student of social skills and charisma since 2001 (after years feeling weird, rejected and powerless socially – which is a whole ‘nother story for another time.)

I’ve seen TONS of gimmicks and “overnight results” strategies come and go.

I’ve seen the rise in popularity of “natural” anxiety pills.

I’ve seen people try everything under the sun to “be confident.”

And as you can imagine…

Some had good experiences, some not so much.

Usually, the difference was clear:

The people who built confidence and fun social lives had a willingness to be BOLD.

When you think about it, this makes perfect sense.

Following the common advice … hoping things “get better on their own” … or searching for overnight confidence … buying the “instant results” charisma products … sacrificing long-term connections for short term “attention” by being fake…


Focusing on building TRUE confidence … ignoring the promises of instant adoration from others … being authentic (i.e. REAL) and honest… and expanding the possibilities for your life by going deeper

Which sounds bolder? And which do you think is where trustworthy friendships are made?

Funny thing is…

Most people go through the first group at the start.

I did.

Maybe we were duped into it by some trickster. Sold a lie. Or simply not given the right information.

The reason doesn’t matter. It’s all a natural part of the personal development process.


Like most peeps, when I started, I was struggling in the first group.

And I more-or-less developed the Fearless Flow framework in a desperate attempt to find something… anything… that would finally get some real results.

… and then.

Invites From Co-workers … New Friends … and My Unexpected Ability To Talk To Strangers And Keep A Great Vibe Going



But it’s how my first “A-ha!” moment happened.

Took me by complete surprise :)

I was about half-way through college.

Had just finished late at my part-time job.

And now I was at a bar.

Which was uncommon for me.

Since almost EVERY time I’d been to a bar I’d become a wall-flower. Watching all the “interesting people” do the talking.

After 15 months of trying every gimmick and conversation trick I could find to be “more interesting.”

All I’d accomplished was inconsistent results and some acquaintances. I wasn’t close enough to any of them to consider them “friends.”


It was so frustrating.

For most my life, I’d been quiet and awkward.

I never knew what to say. Or where to take things.

I feared others wouldn’t accept what I said.

So people would ignore me and consider me not worth their time.

It was like I made them uncomfortable or something.

And now, I’d tried SO much to change how I came across…

To “get out there” and grow closer to people…

Yet they still brushed me off and pulled away.

My confidence and skills were so inconsistent.

Plus I hated acting fake and holding back just to try and fit in.

(Not to mention saying something stupid and getting embarrassed.)

It hurt to feel worthless and miss out on my life.

So many times I decided maybe I was a hopeless case.

That I was just meant to stay alone my whole life.

But I stuck with it (hard-headed Dean).

And eventually – after chasing every bit of general “just be yourself” advice, “instant popularity” claims and ridiculous sounding word for word scripts — I stumbled into social psychology and improv around the same time.

Like everybody else, I knew confidence was the single most important quality to gain acceptance and friends.

…but I’d never understood it.

I’d heard SO many suggestions to “just be confident.” Yet I could never get it to work.

No one ever explained how you become confident.

That’s why when I started digging into the REAL research and psychology, I loved it.

It just made sense.

Because it was about getting down to the deeper issues causing my insecurity.

About taking responsibility for my own life. And not fearing anymore to be ME.

I felt lighter. Because I saw I didn’t have to hide who I was anymore.

Honesty and what I wanted from life were my guides.

I loved that.

I’d finally discovered a way to confidently connect with the people around me. Something I’d struggled with my whole life.

So I dove in.

But up till that night in the bar, I didn’t feel I’d made much progress.

My results were “under the radar” so to speak.

So when I met up with my co-workers at the bar (they’d invited me out after work)…

And a friend (Monica) I’d made the previous month came out too…

AND I started talking with strangers there who eventually joined our table and hung out the entire night

I was stunned.
Out and about red circle TEXT
I ended up staying friends with some of those “strangers” after that night (so did some of my co-workers).

My friend Monica (later girlfriend), thought I was some kind of social “natural.”

All from a couple months of “unusual” exercises and learning a small handful of high-impact social skills.

But going from VERY few friends through childhood and my adult life (to that point), to a full social circle in a couple months? … that’s not even the biggest reason I was so shocked.

See, I was often seen as “weird.”

I never fit in.

Not only because I was so reserved…

But also because I “marched to the beat of a different drummer.”

I just wasn’t into the “mainstream” interests of most people around me.

Which is why people often called me “the weirdo” as a child.

(Kinda embarrassing and traumatic for a kid y’know…)

My whole life these “handicaps” were there… crippling me. Always taunting me. Filling me with doubt.

Point is…

If I can do this, believe me… anyone can.

I had zero self-esteem and social skills… the last person anyone would expect to be charming and natural with people (myself included).

So to finally find myself sitting at that table in the bar…

Laughing with friendly co-workers, a budding new relationship, and complete strangers, just from putting myself out there in a different way



The single best feeling I ever had… I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

Finally, that weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I was free.

Able to “make things happen socially” and stop missing out on my life.

That’s the beauty of the Fearless Flow framework. It doesn’t require you already be confident or skilled socially.

OR that you “fit the mold” of the crowd.

Just a firm decision to be real and unapologetic for who you are – which anyone can do.

And the use of carefully designed confidence and skill building exercises — which even a quiet weirdo can manage ;)

Doesn’t get much easier than that.

Of course… it’s not instant. But once that tipping point occurs…


Your confidence explodes.

Which is exactly what happened after my night in the bar.

I started experimenting with more social challenges. Other “problem areas” in my life.

I quickly became better at dating, throwing popular house parties, professional communications, public speaking, doing well with “intimidating” people.

I tried it in all of them (successfully).

The concept worked for me like clockwork in every social situation I once struggled.

And then… just like that.

…I had more lined up to do socially in a month than I used to in a whole year.

 It all happened because I recognized a simple fact about social power…


Conversation starters … “secret” power words and phrases … the law of attraction.

… the magic bullets everyone talks about.

They’re exciting. Dynamic. “Instant.”

But… comfortable vibe?

Not exactly “sexy.”

Yet… it’s more valuable than lots of money, good looks or a fancy car.

Without it, you get caught in the “technique-trap.”

Always searching for that next social cure all…

…the thing that will “make up” for how inferior you feel deep down.

Reading more mindsets that “change you into an extrovert.”

Buying more books of 101 conversation techniques.

…resorting to believing “weird-trick” hyped-up claims. Banging your head against a wall trying to figure out what to do first. What works best. And feeling guilty you don’t know MORE.

All the while becoming more and more overwhelmed with TOO MANY tactics in your head at once.

To the point you come across MORE awkward than before while talking.

Then, when those instant techniques “don’t work for you,” you feel worse about yourself. Like YOU just can’t do this.

So you go out looking for more tricks. Because maybe the next one is the one you’ve been “missing” all this time.

Shyness Cycle FULL

More tricks.

More mindsets.

More body language.

More overwhelm.


It’s a sad, frustrating hamster wheel.

The common conversation advice can be a MAJOR cause of the Shyness Cycle.

Yet, truly have that bold, comfortable vibe… and the entire dynamic shifts.

You become a magnet.

You don’t need all the gimmicks.

People in your daily life are naturally pulled to you.

They look forward to seeing you again.

Including you as a normal and welcome part of their group.

And eagerly accepting (and issuing) invites to do things as a natural consequence of the way they feel when with you.
Brett power
In short, they trust you, like you, and enjoy spending time with you.

And when you have those things, you’re on a rocket ship.

There’s no limit to how high you can go.

And it’s a cool way to BE socially.

It just “feels” good.

Perhaps most importantly…

…This Makes It Unnecessary To Be A “Perfect” Social Rockstar

I’m not a social rockstar.

You don’t have to be either.

You don’t have to master ALL the social graces. Or memorize today’s mainstream topics.

You don’t have to ALWAYS say the “right thing.” Or summon high-energy positivity 24/7.

‘Cause this dynamic actually makes it easier for people who aren’t “like that” to get results.

Let’s face it — the traditional, “just get out there and try this crazy technique” approach isn’t usually effective for those of us who suffered shyness most our lives.

It’s too far outside our comfort zones too soon.

And it’s often the reason you might feel too nervous and freeze up trying to be more outgoing.

So we need a different (new) approach.

And truly believing in our own self-worth (so we’re less intimidated around others) is it.

Because once people see you are OK with YOU, they want to be a part of that. A part of your life.

They sense you’re not needy.

That you have value.

…so even if you “say something silly” or don’t share their opinions, it won’t matter.

…“impressing” them so they’ll like you becomes unnecessary.

And as a result, you won’t have to be fake, bubbly, or zany to try and fit in.

You can be true to YOUR personality yet still have success.

Brene_Brown_Circle copy“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

Brene Brown, author, “The Gifts of Imperfection”

This is faster too.

When you have a strong sense of self-esteem, THEN approach people to talk, you can build connections the first time you meet.

That night in the bar… for example … was the first time I fully had that bold, comfortable vibe with strangers.

We all felt it within minutes of meeting.

And within half a year from that night…

…This Odd Strategy Allowed Me To Connect With New People Every Where I Went

My final year of college was a blur. I radiated that bold, comfortable vibe in all the various groups I’d joined. And made new friends left and right.

College friends
I began dating regularly. For the first time.

My new found confidence allowed me to apply for and get a job on cruise ships.

sail away party circle 200As a SOCIAL HOST.

In other words, one of the FUN people. Who gets up in front of the guests, on microphone, and hosts events like karaoke, pool games and more.

And in my 5 years working on ships, I literally made friends from around the world.

We went on SO many fun adventures together. Something I’d never have been able to do with my previous shyness and insecurity.

cruise ship collage
Relying on others to befriend me first was now a thing of the past. I knew exactly what to do. I had a system.

I knew exactly how to use exercises in a way that almost “magically” resulted in people inviting me into their inner circle within hours to days of meeting me.

When I finished working on cruise ships, I came back home and had to start my social circle over from scratch.

I quickly gathered a core group of loyal friends around me. Then together, we had a blast.

Meeting dozens of new friends through parties and fun get-togethers. Some huge groups of 50 or more. Some intimate and cozy.

After ships friends
There have been other great times. Many others in fact. More than I can count.

So naturally…

…People Began to Talk

I put together a simple document for my “inner circle” of close friends.

That little Word doc quickly got noticed (hey, people talk — even close friends).

Soon they were begging me to create a more detailed, step by step version.

I was hesitant at first.

I mean, I’m an introvert. I like my privacy.

Plus the “documentation” I had created of my personal confidence and social skills process, was never created “to sell.”

I just wanted to become confident socially myself.

Yet I remembered how much I struggled with shyness and insecurity. And it wasn’t something I’d wish on anyone.

So I decided to release the full version of Fearless Flow…

…And People Immediately Began Using It To Change Their Lives

sarah s

Why’s it so powerful?

Because it’s the exact opposite of the “fake it till you make it” style of confidence everyone else teaches. Suggesting strange tricks that scream “LIKE ME, LIKE ME!”

That stuff is for posers.

Sure, it can get you some attention sometimes.

Short-term, at least.

But eventually, people grow tired of the “tactics.” And it burns your reputation to the ground.

It also requires constant effort…

Always having to “muster up” your confidence… Remembering tons of techniques and worrying what you “should and shouldn’t say”… Always feeling drained because deep down you still feel inadequate.

Who wants to live their life like that?

I don’t.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing:

  1. You probably don’t either, and
  2. You’ve got a burning question right now :)

How Do You Build A Genuine, Bold, Comfortable Vibe (Even Around Intimidating People)?

The best way to develop a bold, comfortable vibe, no matter who you’re with, is by using “Perception Patterning ™” exercises.

There’s two parts to this that are important to understand:

  1. The simple, actionable, easily repeatable exercises
  2. The Perception Patterning method of developing TRUE confidence (going deeper)

Let’s look at the exercises first…

Practical exercises are the same way professional improv comedy performers build a fun, fast wit.

Since they can’t rehearse in advance. They develop the ability to think up what to say in the moment.

This is otherwise known as “flow.”

(Flow is how social “naturals” keep chats going as long as they want. It’s THE ANSWER to “what to say.”)

Practical exercises are also the way countless other serious professionals train…

The military… Olympic athletes… Martial artists… NASA Astronauts…

Why do they all rely on exercises to quickly help them master their skills?

Increased Focus. Less Overwhelm. Faster Results.

In all the above professions, dozens of skills are needed for success.

All at the same time.

Yet if the professionals were to train ALL those skills at once, it would be overwhelming.


None of the necessary skills would become polished. So they’d get inconsistent results.

And their training would take a lot longer.

Conversation is the same way.

When you focus on ONE carefully designed exercise at a time. To build ONE social skill and confidence mindset at a time…

…THEN move on to the next in a strategic way.

You don’t get stuck in your head. Trying to remember 101 different tactics at once.

You easily (and quickly) sharpen the tools of charm.

So they’re there when you need them. No matter the circumstances.

Like the military officer who drills disassembling then reassembling his firearm.

So that even in the heat of battle, he can fix his weapon…

…without having to think about it.

It’s a simple yet deceptively powerful strategy.

And it works for beating shyness and building conversation flow like clockwork.

Wax on Wax off.

There’s a psychological basis for why this simple approach is so effective for building charm, which I’ll explain in a second…

First I need to explain the other piece of the puzzle…

The Way You Actually Build TRUE Confidence

This is the strategy that finally let me build lasting confidence.

Once I figured it out I became pretty fearless and bold in life…

Villiage people
But it works just as effectively in more day to day and casual interactions.

Here’s how it’s done…

As you may have noticed, I’ve spoken out against a “technique-based” approach A LOT.


‘Cause they’re a waste of time (at least the way almost everyone does them).

In other words…

Unless you already have a decent level of confidence, those “flashy” techniques won’t work so well for you.

They can make you seem try-hard and needy.

Since your confidence isn’t congruent with the outrageous tactics, it’s easy to come across awkward. Unnatural.

This is often why people get bad reactions EVEN when they try to “get out there.”

It’s because most “experts” giving advice on shyness and social anxiety don’t understand the self-doubt people like us deal with. They assume we’re already confident.

It makes no sense.

Yet for some reason, it’s still what everyone does.

But…remember, we’re bold. When everyone else follows the common advice, we go deeper.

So here’s a better way…

And it’s how I “mix in” the science of deep confidence building on top of focused exercises to become the kind of self-assured person others notice…

…even when they first meet me.

This is because it maximizes both the skills to flow in conversations, and the authenticity necessary for you to build long-term relationships.

So instead of “impressing” people once or twice…

Only to later have them lose respect for you…

And making yourself feel even worse.

…this actually enhances your image with everyone you meet. And makes new people more responsive and accepting for the long term.

…And I Call This Strategy The Perception Patterning ™ Method
A properly executed Perception Patterning (or PP) strategy is mind-blowing in its ability to get down to the real issues and grow your self-esteem.

(Especially if you feel inferior at times.)

In other words…

If you want to finally feel “OK” with YOU and confident to handle any new social situation… as it comes at you… in the span of just a few weeks…

This is it, amigo.

The PP strategies combine into the exercises. So they are also focused down, repeatable and automatically “installed.”

It’s all done by first identifying, then addressing the core issues CAUSING your insecurity.

Said differently… I never suggest people “just get out there” without first understanding these deeper issues. I don’t want people to push their comfort zone too far too soon.

That only increases the chances for rejection and makes you feel even worse about yourself.

…so I instead give people the tools to eliminate their limiting beliefs.

Limiting Beliefs are the main cause of our anxiety, uncertainty, and awkwardness socially.

Limiting Beliefs Cause Problems

Just like full grown elephants held captive by a small rope and peg.

The rope and peg have no hope of resisting the strength of the elephant.

But when the elephant was a baby, it was too weak to break it’s binding. So it came to believe it couldn’t escape.

The elephant carried that limiting belief with it to adulthood.

Elephant w rope LB sml

Likewise you’ve probably had experiences in your past that hold you down to this day.

Making you feel worthless and inferior at times.

Causing you to (subconsciously) act in ways that drive people away.

…or paralyze you with nervousness so you don’t act at all.

Defeating THESE crippling subconscious chains is what GOING DEEPER is all about.

It’s NOT about learning what tricks and tactics will “make people like you.”

It’s about liking yourself more first…

Fearing rejection less…

And not caring so much what others think.

While still inviting them into your life with open arms (and a “take it or leave it” mentality).

This attitude… this vibe of confidence and boldness is the MAIN quality people flock to.

It’s what will create warm feelings toward you. Even if you currently lack other typical “high-value” qualities like wealth, looks, or life experience.


Since you’re being REAL (authentic) with every person you meet, they’ll come to know and like you for YOU. Instead of tolerating the fake, reserved, hollow shell of a personality most people display.

That’s the only way true friendships can be formed.

This Strategy Is So Powerful… Yet So Easy… Because It Triggers A “Psychological Glitch”

These responses are known as Brain Plasticity and Neural Pathways.

And they’re the way our minds work.

So it might sound a little science-fiction(y)…

…but simply put, the only way we truly change is through repetition.

Any action or thought repeated “carves” new neural pathways into our mind.

And when that pathway is “strong enough,” the new skill or mindset becomes second nature.

Because our brain has physically changed.

That’s key.

See the reason it can be so difficult to BE confident (or STOP feeling nervous) is this…

Limiting Beliefs exist at a subconscious level. They’ve been CARVED into your mind.

This is why simply saying “what’s the worse that can happen” has no effect.

So you must install new, empowering beliefs to overwrite the limiting ones.

Beliefs that result in confidence and boldness…

AND a mind free to be creatively spontaneous (and fun) in the moment.

This principle has been verified countless times by cutting edge modern therapy…

…designed specifically to eliminate nervousness and social anxiety.

Now… believe it or not…

It’s very easy to install new beliefs and skills like this.


…If You’ve Ever Learned Any New Skill You Already Know How To Do This

Ever learned how to ride a bike? At first you doubted yourself and fell a lot. But if you kept at it (with a little guidance), you had some successes.

So you started to BELIEVE maybe you can do this. AND your skills improved too.

Eventually you were riding that bike up and down the block.

Congrats :)

That’s installing a new skill set AND belief system.

Sure social skills and confidence are a little more complex.

But If you can do it for riding a bike (or any other skill), you can do it in your social life too.

Carving new neural pathways can be very easy.

Your brain WILL change when you give it the right inputs.

It’s a natural response.

Gets embedded in there with proper repetition.

Skill or mindset.

Simple or complex.

And now that you understand how it works, let’s put it into practice with…

The Step by Step, Exercise-Based Engine Powering Your New Confidence and Skill Building System

This figure represents the process of using Perception Patterning Exercises [or PPE]:
Positive Confidence Cycle LITE 2
The PPE are the central ingredient required to make this system work.

E1, E2, E3, etc… represent the different carefully designed exercises. Each focused down to maximize results.

And minimize overwhelm.

As you can see, BOTH your confidence and skills naturally increase as you move forward.

In other words, you “carve” new empowering beliefs AND the ability to flow into your subconscious.

And because your self-conscious beliefs change, you care less about approval from others.

In turn, this causes people to respect you more. So you experience even MORE success.

And then you’re caught up in a positive confidence cycle.

Pretty soon, you’ll own people’s attention.

Simple as that.

Now, Here’s The Ninja Part…

You’ll already find “getting out there” easier because you’re focusing on simple, practical exercises with clearly defined objectives…

…but you can really speed your progress (and reduce your anxiety) by TWEAKING the people and places you socialize with at first (yes some are better than others in the beginning).

That way you scale the “intimidation factor” to fit YOUR current confidence and skill level.

This is how my students are typically able to break through the “paralysis trap” and get started taking action. Then build from there to create all the confidence they want…

…and eventually talk to even intimidating people in a fun, effortless, captivating manner.

This is a very powerful “courage hack.”

Best of all, when you combine this strategy with your exercises, there’s MUCH less awkwardness. Because your nervousness isn’t triggered as much.

And I’m sure you can imagine what will happen when each person you meet experiences more the authentic, carefree YOU without any awkward, anxious vibe to turn them away.

I can’t stress how important building this confident vibe is to your long-term social success. Now more than ever because…

If You’re Not Careful, Chances Are You Get Tossed Into The “To Be Avoided” Category In People’s Minds

I realize you’re busy, and I’ve kept you a while, so I’ll wrap this up by talking about something that could make or break your social life in today’s day and age…

First impressions and short(er) attention spans.

If people get the feeling you aren’t high-value… it often doesn’t matter how great a person you are.

Because it’s likely you won’t get a second chance. You might as well start over on someone new.

And if this isn’t something you start paying attention to…

You can become stuck.

Caught in the cycle of shyness…

Trying your hardest yet getting rejected every time. Damaging your self-esteem further.

Like some people I’ve met who’ve been trapped this way into their 60s.

The changes in our society with the likes of social media, instant media streaming, etc.

…have shortened the attention span of almost everyone.

Standing out is becoming harder than ever.

People are even quicker now to stereotype others just to “save time.”

So if they get a whiff you’re insecure, it’s likely you’ll end up in that “not worth my time” category in their mind.

I mean, they might consider you a nice person. But they often won’t label you as “friendship material.”



But it’s important you understand what’s going on here…

This happens because of “microexpresions” and “mirror neurons.”

Microexpressions are tiny facial “tells” we all do subconsciously, which reveal our inner state.

Other people can (subconsciously) pick up on these subtle cues. Then their mirror neurons recreate your feelings of discomfort inside them.

To a lesser degree of course.

But the result is the same.

They can sense you don’t feel confident in yourself.

And because “no one has time anymore” they’re likely to move on.

That’s why addressing the deeper issues robbing you of confidence is so important.

zimbardo circle sml“People with a sense of positive self worth are not dependent on the praise and social reinforcement of others, because they have learned how to be their own best friends and biggest boosters… they do not crumble under criticism or feel devastated by rejection.”

Philip Zimbardo, in his book “Shyness”

It’s like this:

Iceburg of confidence

Confidence is responsible for 80% of how others perceive you.

Without it… well, get used to seeing that “why are you talking to me” look on people’s faces.

Yet nothing gets you fast, positive attention like the TRUE confidence, authenticity and natural skills you’ve seen today.

I promise you this…

If You Use These Principles, You’re Gonna Be Making More Friends Than Ever

For Fearless Flow students, this creates a huge opportunity.

We’re not going to be scrambling for “new impressive things to say” or “body-language poses to stand out” when attention spans get EVEN shorter.

And while everybody else is still struggling to connect by trying to be what everyone wants them to be…

Those of us using Fearless Flow strategies are going to be grabbing real attention that leads to real connections and friendships.

Wanna be on the right side too?

Then here’s how to join us today…

Fearless Flow (Conversation And Confidence System)… Using The Strategy Of “Perception Patterning Exercises” To Connect, Make New Friends, And Build Attention-Grabbing Self-Esteem

Everything I’ve shown you today is part of the Fearless Flow training course.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to use Perception Patterning Exercises to quickly stand out and connect like social naturals…

While being true to yourself…

And making trustworthy new friendships that last.

This final version of the program has been in development for over 3 years.

It’s been stress-tested and refined to be as step by step, fast and focused as possible.

“I Would Definitely Recommend The Fearless Flow Program…”

I would definitely recommend the Fearless Flow program. It has not only given me the framework to improve my conversational skills, but gave me a sense I was not alone in my struggles, which has actually been comforting. Realizing this gives me a sense of confidence as well.

Barbara D.
Cypress, CA

If you’re serious about overcoming your shyness, you should join us today.

“Your Lessons Have Helped Immensely, Especially The Improv Techniques…”

Your lessons have helped immensely, especially the Improv techniques. I use them all the time, the yes, and is my fav. Most of the time I am able to start a conversation about the reflections a person doesn’t even know they are projecting and they think I’m a genius for it. I am truly indebted to you, cause it got to the point at work where I was suffering anxiety on a daily basis because I wasn’t sure of myself around people

Brett C.

I’ll Show You Everything You Need To Build Unwavering Confidence And Create Captivating Conversations With A Step-by-Step, Exercise-Based System And Tested Psychology…

even if you’ve tried before in the past but failed.

Joanna - Praison combo

The complete Fearless Flow system is taught over 6 hours of step by step audio lessons. Including the theory and the exercises. Each section builds on the one before it.

By the end, you’ll have honed the skills and mindsets to flow easily in conversations.

You’ll have the power to connect with people and get them hyper-engaged so they enjoy spending time with you.

Your “always-on” deep-seated confidence will be doing most of the heavy lifting for you…

Placing you in the “high-value” category in people’s minds.

Freeing your brain to be quick in the moment, so you always know what to say.

Increasing your self-esteem so you’re happier, positive and OK with you.

Allowing you to be bold, and live your life fully.

Empowering you to make friends, anywhere.

Best of all…

Because you’re handling the REAL issues behind your shyness and becoming more authentic with everyone you talk to…

All future relationships you build will be as the REAL you.

True, trustworthy friendships that last.

“I Feel Friendlier And More Outgoing…”

I am really enjoying Fearless Flow… It is clear. It is concise and easy to listen to and everything just makes sense. I am so glad I stumbled across Fearless Flow instead of just picking up another self help book. I feel my confidence improving, my understanding of my personality and why I am the way I am is becoming clear and I am fine tuning my natural self to be the best version of myself. I feel friendlier, more outgoing now that I understand WHY I was acting shy and unconfident before. I am recommending this to family members and friends. It truly is so great :)

Amanda Moppett
Calgary, AB Canada

“I Am So Happy That I Have Finally Figured All Of This Out…”

I would like to thank you Dean you have changed my life. I consider myself extremely fortunate to live at a time when I have such great resources (such as you) and I am eternally grateful. I am so happy that I have finally figured all of this out and especially while I’m still young. I can now live out “the best time of my life” thanks to people like you… I was in such a dark place before I found you and I honestly believe that getting out there and facing my fears has saved my life. You are a life saver.

Nicholas S.

Here’s How Your Fearless Flow Training Works

Immediately upon signing up, you’ll be able to instantly download the Fearless Flow system.

The course is series of high-quality mp3 audio files you can listen to from any of your devices: mp3 players, phones, tablets, or computers. So you can listen at home while taking notes or on the go while jogging or driving to and from work.

I’ve also included a quick-reference guide (Pdf) so you can see all of the most important principles at a glance. So whether you want to follow along while listening or just brush up on skills later, it’s quick and easy.

You also get step by step checklists. No guessing what you should be doing next to make progress. Just follow the steps and check off the exercises as you go.

And to make sure you stay on track, you’ll also get an automated teaching email series from me.

It’s like having me show up at your desk from time to time to give you a little bit of motivation and advice.

When it comes to building a fulfilling social life, you have two choices:

  1. Spend years mastering conversation starters, body-language tricks, word for word routines, meditation, affirmations, hypnosis, you name it — to try and become a “social rockstar” so everyone you meet “loves you instantly.” All the while hoping they won’t realize you’re being fake and manipulative.


  1. Use the power of tested social psychology and exercises you’ve learned about today to create a DEEP level of confidence and relevant skills people naturally respect. Even if you aren’t outstanding in other areas of life. Instead of years, this can usually be learned in a couple months… sometimes less.


“When I Want To Continue Conversation Now I Have A Process To Follow…”

I liked that Fearless Flow is a step by step structured process, that’s really nice. The program has a solid foundation from the ground up is really helpful if you want serious and permanant change. It’s helped because when I want to continue conversation, now I have a process to follow. It also helps me learning more about how humans work. I’d recommend Fearless Flow because it’s practical.

Henry Yang
Felixstow, Austrailia

Seems like a clear choice to me.

That said, the only way to get better and more confident at being social is by… well… being more social.

No way around that, even if it’ll only take a couple months max.

If you’re looking for instant push-button adoration, this isn’t it.

This system is for men and women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond who are ready to forget the “miracle cures”… yet still want the quickest way to achieve lasting confidence and charm.

And here’s a big part of how that’s possible…

I’ve seen hundreds of conversation techniques and strategies in the courses I’ve bought over the years.

Plus the countless hours I’ve spent testing new methods of talking with people.

And I’ve noticed something:

There’s a very reliable set of “high-impact” social skills.

These are flexible “techniques” that can be used in any social situation to drastically improve your ability to start conversations, keep them going and connect.

If you’re familiar with the 80/20 principle, that’s exactly what this is.

They’re the small handful of skills that give you the biggest results with shocking consistency.

Add a little of this skill here… A bit of that strategy there… and BOOM!

Your “presence” soars. Conversations last longer. Connection deepens.

So here’s the deal…

There are 11 of these skills.

Individually, each is strong enough to reliably make you more interesting in any interaction.

But implemented together…in the order I provide…and even the most mundane conversations become FULL of that electric vibe that leads to connections.

These are the same skills I rely on day in, day out to talk to people in a fun and engaging yet down to earth way. That creates friendships naturally.

I’ve never revealed these skills together anywhere to anyone.

Not friends.

Not subscribers.

Not students.


But now, I’m revealing it for the first time for anyone who buys Fearless Flow today.

“You Can Relate To It Personally And Help Guide People Through…”

I think as you have been through it yourself its very good, as you can relate to it personally and help guide people through and identify and share what others and yourself have experienced.

Niall C.

What Would Having True Confidence For The Rest Of Your Life Be Worth To You?

I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve said my strategies have changed their entire approach to becoming more confident and charming (they’re more social for it and everyone around them is better off too).

That it’s the most effective approach to beating shyness.



“Your Suggestions Are By Far The Most Useful I’ve Come Across…”

I really like reading your suggestions. They are by far the most useful I’ve come across. You’ve really hit on a topic that adults struggle with and there is very little information out there for assistance.

Michele K.

I mean think about it…

…what would ending your loneliness for good be worth to you?

Finally lifting that weight off your shoulders.

Knowing you’re free.

Imagine waking up each day excited. Certain you’ll be able to effortlessly talk to and charm the people you meet.

You feel confident like those charismatic naturals.

Walking into work or class, a party, or where ever you happen to be, you see a person or group you’d love to talk to…

And there’s no hesitation.

You approach with a confident smile, open your mouth, and you know what to say.

You hear yourself flow, saying fun, authentic things off the top of your head.

You see these new people smiling, responding great to you. You’ve made a connection and who knows where it could lead in the future.

I don’t know if I could have put a price on that kind of happiness when I suffered from shyness.



And then there’s the OTHER side of the coin…

What does shyness and insecurity currently COST you in life?

There’s the regret of all those missed experiences right?

Romantic encounters that could have been.

Fun adventures in your 20s, 30s, 40s …

Promotions and higher-pay.

Joyful memories that never happened.

And the scary thing is, it doesn’t “just get better on it’s own.”

It can last for years and years.

So even at $300, I knew there would be plenty of people willing to invest in Fearless Flow.

Yet you’re not going to pay that much today…

I’m going to make this a no-brainer for you…

Because I want to be part of the force that puts a dent in the shyness epidemic.

So you can break from your shyness — today — with Fearless Flow…

…for just $67.

If you were to hire a coach to teach you this stuff over Skype, you’d pay at least $100 per hour or more.

And the Fearless Flow system, it has over 6 hours of life-changing content, so you’d be looking at $600 right there.

If you were to get a therapist to help with some of these issues, the cost would likely be even higher.

Yet for the price of a dinner out for two, you change your life from this moment on.

So that every future dinner date, party, after-work drink, and more becomes fun, enjoyable and SO much more worth attending.

Because you’ll finally have the power to socialize normally and attract people to you.

Makes that $67 you invest today look like a joke, no?

But you know what?

You’re Not Only Getting The Fearless Flow System Today

Just for being so obviously dedicated to beating your shyness, I’d like to give you free of charge, these value-added bonuses to help you gain social confidence even faster…

BONUS 1: The Science of Insecurity: Why we blank, bore and get ignored (and how to fix it)

If you often feel insecure socially, this audio bonus is required listening. You’ll discover:

  • The psychology behind why you blank on what to say, why you can’t connect or be yourself and how to avoid it
  • What you’re doing that causes what you say to get ignored or fall flat
  • Why you can talk fine with some people but not others, and how to talk to those intimidating people like you do your friends
  • What to do or talk about when you don’t have anything in common
  • Why you’re insecure while others seem confident and charming

This bonus alone has more and better information than most full courses out there. Yet you’re getting it free when you invest in the Fearless Flow system today.

BONUS 2: Five Simple Body Hacks That Make You Look Crazy Confident

This short yet powerful guide reveals simple techniques to quickly hack your body language, so others subconsciously think of you as more confident and high-value.

  • We’ve all heard non-verbals play a huge role in how others perceive you, yet there’s so much advice on the subject, it’s hard to know what to focus on.
  • These 5 simple hacks give you the biggest results for the least effort, so you can impress others without even having to think about it
BONUS 3: Improv Power Principles To Flow In Conversations

In this training video, I explain how to use specially adapted improv principles to increase your spontaneity and verbal flow.

When I first started improv, my wit and verbal ability was so S L O W socially. But after using these principles for just a couple of weeks, I was coming up with fun conversation topics out of the blue.

Now you can too, free, when you invest in fearless flow today…

richard g

You’re Fully Covered By My Triple Guarantee


Don’t decide right now…

…take advantage of my unconditional triple guarantee:

Test out the Fearless Flow Conversation System (and ALL the bonuses) for a full 60 days…

If you don’t gain all the confidence you expect in those short 60 days…


If you don’t get at least 10% better in your skills and confidence in the first 30 days…


Even if you don’t like the way my voice sounds in the audios…

I’ll gladly give you a full refund.

No questions. No hassles.

And you can keep all the bonus books just for giving it a shot.

In fact, if you invest in Fearless Flow today, only from this page, you’ll also get…

SUPER BONUS: The What To Talk About Guide

This to the point guide finally pulls back the curtain on what people usually talk about when they’re being casual and friendly. Even when they’ve just met.

If you want a simple, fast way to boost your social intelligence, this guide is it.

Here’s just a few highlights you’ll find in What To Talk About:

  • The most common, ENGAGING topics people talk about in casual conversations (even when they don’t know each other well)
  • The #1 topic you can’t forget to include (WARNING: leaving this out can actually stall the bonding process)
  • The 3 critical mistakes I always see quiet, reserved people make that guarantees the conversation will come to a screeching halt.
  • Fun fall-back topics that quickly transform any chat from boring to fun and engaging so people look forward to seeing you again.
There’s A Fulfilling Life Of Friendships And Fun Experiences Waiting For You RIGHT NOW

Wouldn’t you like to live it?

I’ve given you everything you need to know about Fearless Flow today…

In other words, today I’ve showed you how to be bold and comfortable with everyone you meet.

Doing it — however — is up to you.

All you have to do is click the button below to get started.

You’re fully protected by the triple guarantee terms.

So there’s nothing to lose. Zilch.

Yet, ask yourself what you lose by doing nothing today…

By continuing to think, “someday later I’ll take care of this.”

Look, “someday later” often never comes.

NOW is the time to live your life fully.

If you do nothing, nothing will change. You’ll wake up a year from now or 25 years from now still trapped in your insecurity, your life having passed you by.

Yet you can change all of that. All you have to do is click on the button below to get started.

This is your chance to finally experience the full, fun and exciting social life you’ve always deserved.

It won’t happen overnight.

But I promise if you put the work into learning and implementing this system, it will change everything for you, for years to come.

So if you’re serious about your social life and willing to do the work to become confident and charming (you’ve read this far, so I suspect you are)…

No risk. No downside.

Just unlimited potential for your life with the best confidence and social skills course on the market.

That’s a no brainer, my friend.

All you have to do is click the “Add To Cart” button below now.

… and you’ll take your place alongside me and the rest of the bold (and formerly shy) peeps who’ve used Fearless Flow to make life follow OUR rules.


Add To Cart

Here’s to being bold, confident and living life FULLY.

You can do this.

Dean J Conversation Skills Coach

Dean J

Creator of Fearless Flow (2014 – 2018)

P.S. – It’s time to stop missing out on your life.

Put your trust in me and the “new perspective” that Fearless Flow brings you…

…will not only blow your mind to pieces and fill your life with new peak experiences and lasting friendships…

…but you’ll never be able to look at socializing in the same way ever again.

All those fake, ridiculous techniques…

They’ll fade into the background.

Remember, this is the only system that uses actual exercises based on real research to boost your social skills, AND eliminate self doubt.

That’s the most important part.

I mean, a couple months from now…

You could still be frustrated, wishing you knew how to confidently talk to people.

OR… You could already have a fun social life full of new friends.

You could still be struggling to make all the bits of free information out there work for you.

OR… You could be following a step by step proven system for social success.

Isn’t it time for your success story?

Then click the button below.

You’ll get download access to Fearless Flow instantly. So you can dive in and get your hands dirty (and get your mind blown to pieces).

Remember, you’re covered by a zero-risk full 60-day 100% money back guarantee.


Add To Cart

“The Examples You Gave Really Hit Home With Me…”

The examples you gave really hit home with me and helped me realize what I am doing wrong. im excited to try out these new techniques and to really work on my self-knowledge.
Nik J.

Praison dumblittleman

“Thank You Dean For All You’ve Done To Provide This Incredible Tool…”

Thank you, Dean, for all you’ve done to provide this incredible tool; and all your patience and encouragement along the way.

Barbara D.
Cypress, CA

“I Really Think This Course Will Change My Life…”

Your course has really helped me. Keep sending me the hint emails. I got to the part about remembering the two sentences and it was working well… I really think this course will change my life. Thank you so much.

Mike Scott
Clinton, IA

“I Spend My Days More Constructively Working On Your Lessons…”

It helped to know that I am not in a unique situation. It might have felt like I am going through the ultimate tragedy of my life but through you I discovered there are people who are in a similar place and situation. I spend my days more constructively working on your lessons. I am diligently trying to put them to practice…Dean, thanks for everything!! For waking me up from my slumber:)


Brett techniques copy

“I Can Now Talk To Anybody One-On-One With Little Difficulty…”

My #1 problem around people is with groups. Thanks to your website and videos, I can now talk to anybody one-on-one with little difficulty.
Michael G.



On this page I reveal how my students and I have successfully transformed our social lives. Many times I’ll mention specific reactions from strangers and improvements in social ability we’ve gotten using my confidence and social skills systems. All told, 100s of lives have been touched and changed.

Please understand I am absolutely NOT — repeat, am not — implying these results are typical. Such a claim would be ridiculous. Especially considering we’ve (probably) never met, and I don’t know your current level of confidence, social skills, or anything else about who you are.

Just investing in Fearless Flow won’t make you confident. Reading is not enough. Serious, BOLD action and execution is required on your part. Only YOU can do that!

Having said that, what I’ll be teaching and revealing to you in Fearless Flow has worked very well for me and many of my customers. Which is why I’m giving you a chance to test drive my system in your social life. Guaranteed you get results or your money back.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and a huge amount to gain. Hope to see you on the inside, and sharing your amazing results with me.