How "Locked-In" Is Your Insecurity and Shyness?

Find out if your shyness is locked on overdrive. ADD UP how many of the below statements apply to you:

  • I talk fine around some people but with others I’m quiet and awkward
  • I often don’t know what to say, fearing it won’t be accepted
  • In groups it’s hard to state my opinion and I get ignored
  • I have few friends and no social life
  • I feel like I don’t fit in or belong anywhere at all
  • I just want people to like me and want me around
  • It seems others can talk and charm so easily, but I can’t
  • I want to connect with new friends I can be myself around
  • I sometimes feel empty spending so much time alone

Ok count them up…

How many apply to you?

Four or more and it's possible your shyness has in fact become "locked-in."

Which could be why no matter how much you try to “get out there,” you might still get those disgusted looks of “what do you want?”

It was the same for me.

Before I turned on my confidence, I said 'yes' to EVERY statement above.

For years I thought I'd just always be incompetent socially. Like maybe others could push through and make progress...

But not me.

That's a cycle of feeling worthless I don’t wish on anyone.

Which Is Why On This Page I'll Share With You The Exercise-Based Strategy I Used To Overcome Shyness And Lock My Confidence To "Always On"

Without acting fake or becoming paralyzed with 100s of “social tricks.”

  • It’s an evidence-based method that fixes the buried psychological glitch causing shyness, so you eliminate your nervousness and self-doubt at the source.
  • So you'll forever remove the danger of staying alone and socially powerless to the end.
  • And finally enjoy a full social life of close trustworthy friends you can be yourself around.

To begin, you need to understand what my life used to look like…

…because if you currently find it hard to flow socially and connect in the exact same ways I did, then I don't want you making the same embarrassing mistakes I made.


Do You Also Get Awkward Talking To People You "Want Something" From?

My name is Dean J. And I was NOT always confident and carefree socially.

I didn’t always enjoy a huge social circle. And I certainly wasn’t always invited to write articles for some of the net’s top personal development sites.

See years ago when I was still in college, I was so lonely, I sometimes felt empty.

In classes, I wanted to connect with people. Yet I'd sit there quiet while everyone else chatted casually.

At work it was the same. I’d get left out while co-workers bonded over drinks.

I mean sometimes, with some people I could do okay. But around a group or person I “wanted something from,” I’d fall back into my insecure, awkward ways.

And a girlfriend I could care about (and her about me)... completely out of the question...

It was a frustrating cycle…

If I stayed quiet to avoid rejection, I got ignored. Yet if I tried to reach out and get closer, I'd drive people away.

Little did I know that one Friday evening in September of my sophomore year, things were about to get a whole lot worse...

ARGH! How Did I End Up In A Freaking Bar Again...?

That night, my roommate, Jay, dragged me out to Reggie's. Which was a local college bar.

hated bars back then.

I never fit in and it drained me.

Which is one reason why usually on a weekend night, I’d be home alone and bummed about not having a life.

The other was because...

Well, I had no friends to invite me out.

Yet that Friday I guess Jay could tell I was more depressed than usual. So I think he invited me to Reggie's out of pity.

Inside the bar, I followed Jay around like a puppy. Afraid to branch out and talk to anyone.

As he spoke to people he knew, I smiled and chimed in sometimes with a laugh or simple … “Uh-huh”… “Yeah”…

Then It Happened...

Me, Jay and a girl he knew were talking when someone called Jay’s name from across the bar.

He quickly ran over to them. Leaving me. Standing there alone with the girl.

The vibe immediately became uncomfortable. I had no idea what to say to her.

She sort of fidgeted there for a second. Looking left and right.

Then she said, “I’m gonna go to the bathroom.”

Yeah... she never came back.

I felt sick to my stomach.

Yet things were about to get even worse...

"What's Wrong With Him? He's So Weird!"

I wandered around Reggie's alone, feeling pathetic and sad. Knowing I was the "creepy guy" standing by himself.

Then I saw her...

The girl who had literally run away from me earlier.

She was standing in a group, all of them giving me disgusted looks and snickering.

I knew that look well so I quickly turned away...

Yet as I walked off I heard her say, “What's wrong with him? He's so weird.”

An explosion of pain hit my body as I realized it had all happened again. Like so many times before, I was a complete and utter social failure...

I felt borderline worthless, as if my life had not even been lived, and I was just killing time between birth and death…

Would I Always Miss Out On My Life Like This?

Laying awake in bed that night, I imagined my life being like this for another year.

Another 5 years.

Another 20 years of being powerless, alone and laughed at.

Of missing out on my life and never feeling special.

I decided right there to do whatever it took to destroy my shyness once and for all. Or go down trying.

The very next day, my search began...

Have You Also Been Fed A Bunch Of Lies?

When I finally started trying to improve socially, I discovered there’s a lot of bogus advice out there...

  • Ever heard that you need to learn 93 social tricks to get people to like you?
  • Or that you must memorize 101 conversation starters?
  • Or scripts of exactly what to say and do?

Look, I tried ALL the hyped up courses claiming “instant confidence” and “friends overnight.”

I tried to “just be confident” and “just get out there.”

Yet none of it worked for me.

All it did was clog my brain with too many tactics at once. Or make me sound stiff and ridiculous.

In the end, I never gained the respect and friendship that seemed to come so easily for others.

And the reason is because all this typical advice is what I call SOCIAL SHORTCUTS.

It’s just clever marketers taking advantage of the pain and confusion we suffer.

Yet as tempting as it is to believe there’s one trick or tactic that will cure your shyness overnight…

The Truth Is Social Shortcuts Don't Work

  • Because the advice just isn’t specific enough. It doesn’t give enough explanation or step by step strategy of what to do.
  • And more importantly, it doesn’t fix the REAL problem causing your shyness in the first place. So you your confidence and skills never stick.

This is what makes shyness kind of like Jason from Friday the 13th...

Just when you think you’re getting away, it shows up right in front of you, blocking your path...

See the marketers who give this type of advice likely never really experienced shyness.

Or they’ve totally forgotten what it’s like.

They just don’t understand the self-doubt, the utter lack of connection, we face daily.

I knew there MUST be a better way than the common advice…

And you know what?

There is.

Keep reading and you’ll learn the TRUTH I discovered about defeating shyness for good.

Latest Research And In The Field Testing

I decided to get serious about overcoming my insecurities.

So I dug up REAL research on shyness and social anxiety. From experts who explained the psychology behind why we draw blanks and don’t know what to say.

  • I added Interpersonal Communication to my college workload. And I discovered the science of how people really connect with one another.
  • I dove into the latest brain research. Revealing the buried psychological glitch that keeps people stuck in shyness year after year.
  • I secretly listened in on social naturals. And overheard the ways they started conversations... and kept them going.
  • I even worked up the courage to interview some of them. And they confessed some unexpected requirements popular folks look for in new friends.
  • With increasing confidence, I joined an improv comedy troupe. And learned strange yet effective techniques to pull fresh ideas out of the blue when needed.

Combining all I had discovered, I became a social scientist.

Testing everything out in the real world...

Honestly Not Much Changed At First...

Yet after a couple of weeks, my confidence and social powers began to soar!

I finally became confident talking to strangers. Even in bars!

I literally made friends around the world and had fun adventures with them.

I began dating regularly for the first time ever.

And thanks to these methods, I've enjoyed building social circles from scratch.

Some intimate and cozy. Some huge groups of 50 or more.

Relying on others to befriend me first was now a thing of the past.

I knew exactly what to do. I had a system...

One that almost “magically” resulted in people inviting me into their inner circle within hours to days of meeting me.

And today, I'm going to reveal it to YOU - just keep reading...

WARNING: When you start to evolve socially like I did, people notice.

So naturally…

…some of my old friends who also suffered shyness asked what I’d done to change SO drastically.

How To Fix The Psychological Glitch That Causes Shyness And Locks It In For Years

I’ll explain it to you just like I first explained it to my friends…

  • Have you ever wondered WHY no matter what you do…no matter what you say to yourself…you ALWAYS seem to fall back into your shy, awkward, nervous ways?
  • Or WHY you can do well with some people, in some places, but with certain intimidating people, it’s like your confidence evaporates and you’re back to square one?

Well not knowing the RIGHT social skills is likely part of the problem.

But really, only a small part.

The biggest reason you may struggle is because your fear of rejection is on overdrive.

  • That fear saps your confidence.
  • It drains your brain’s ability to think up things to say.
  • It creates nervous, subconscious “micro-expressions” others sense.
  • And this ALL makes you seem awkward and less worth people’s time.

People who can effortlessly and confidently flow socially don’t have that fear.

And the underlying reason YOUR fear of rejection is stronger than for others is because…

On a cellular level, the part of your mind responsible for socializing has become directly linked to your brain's fear center.

See, I discovered this psychological glitch because of new research into neural pathways.

Neural pathways are physical cellular connections in your brain.

They shape everything about you...

Your skills and beliefs. Your self-image, habits and emotional reactions.

For someone who often feels uncertain or insecure socially, these links have become locked into a “destructive neural pattern” of fear.

This happened because of conditioning from your past experiences.

Mostly as a child.

When your peers or parents humiliated you. Simply because they didn’t understand the type of person you are.

The thing is, as a child your mind is more naturally “plastic.”

Yet as you got older, that neural pattern of fear “locked in.”

Those real, physical links in your mind strengthened over time.

So now, these cellular connections won’t just go away when you learn some new conversation trick.

And as long as they’re there, you’ll continue to fall back into your shy, awkward ways.

No matter how many times you “just get out there.”

Get Rid Of Shyness And Insecurity Once And For All

Yet what if I told you these neural patterns are not locked in forever?

That there are actually new, cutting edge methods to un-lock your neural connections to fear. And re-route them to feelings of confidence.

I know this sounds a little like science fiction.

But it isn’t.

Thanks to research by psychologists Terje Lømo and Tim Bliss this is now possible.

They discovered the concept of “synaptic plasticity.”

Which shows neural connections can strengthen or weaken when the brain is used in certain unusual ways.

I combined this research on synaptic plasticity with other evidence-based methods I’d found. Even mixing in the high-impact social skills and improv techniques I’d learned.

In the end, creating my Perception Patterning System of mental, emotional and social exercises. Many of which can be done alone at home.

Yet instead of building muscle, Perception Patterning exercises build confidence and social skills at the deepest level.

Since they are psychologically designed to reactivate the childlike plastic nature of your mind.

So you can quickly re-pattern your brain.

Permanently eliminating the neural patterns of shyness that have been sabotaging you all your life.

And instead installing NEW patterns.

Similar to the ones confident, charming social naturals have.

So that meeting new people automatically triggers feelings of being comfortable and relaxed.

Just like with trusted friends.

People Began To Talk...

I put together a simple document on these exercises for my “inner circle” of close friends.

That little Word doc quickly got noticed (hey, people talk — even close friends).

Soon they were begging me to create a more detailed, step by step version.

I was hesitant at first.

I mean, I’m an introvert. I like my privacy.

Yet I remembered how much I struggled with shyness and insecurity. And it wasn’t something I’d wish on anyone.

I realized I had the power to create a real difference in people’s lives. So I decided my mission would be to make shyness a thing of the past.

I combined ALL my strategies and research into one package.

And I Call It The Fearless Flow Conversation And Confidence System

The Fearless Flow Conversation And Confidence System is a step by step blueprint for eradicating your shyness for good. Using science-backed exercises to install confidence and high-impact social skills...

And it's the only exercise-based system that fixes the buried psychological glitch causing shyness.

So you can easily talk and connect with new friends while enjoying confidence that's ALWAYS ON... matter the situation or who you're with...

…without taking pills, acting fake changing who you are, or getting paralyzed with 100s of ridiculous techniques and scripts.

Even if you're awkward with most people OR only some people in some places.

...if you're too intimidated at times to approach new people. currently have no friends at all.'re not rich or super attractive.

...if you feel you have nothing to offer and people find you boring.

And especially if you've tried everything you can think of and you're still not seeing the results you really want!

Don't You Think You've Been Lied To Enough?

  • Fearless Flow is not some guide of 93 unorganized conversation gimmicks with no step by step system to implement them.
  • It won't make you change who you are by being loud, obnoxious or bubbly.
  • It's not full of outrageous conversation starters or examples of talking from the 1950's. Because no one speaks like that in the real world
  • It's not all fluff and stories or dry, technical theory that's hard to understand...
  • And It's not simplistic advice that assumes you're already confident. So it doesn't tell you to "just be yourself" or start by asking you to talk to 5 strangers on the street.

Isn't it time to start using what's PROVEN to work?

Fearless Flow is the direct result of over 10 years of study, and digging through the trenches to find what REALLY works…

As well as examining the REAL reasons behind repeat shyness "failures."

And, from this moment forward, the secrets of the truly confident can NOW be duplicated easily by you.

And that means quickly getting people to let their guard down and chat with you, without seeming fake or creepy.

Allowing you to achieve your IDEAL social life, quicker and far easier than you've ever dreamed possible...

Just LOOK At What You'll Receive Today Inside The Fearless Flow Audio Course

  • The top 11 HIGH-IMPACT conversation skills that hand you the biggest results with shocking consistency. No more getting tongue-tied trying to remember 93 social tricks. - Stage 1
  • Step by step exercises that AUTOMATICALLY activate confidence and skills (just by doing them). So you're not just getting more information, you're getting a strategic system to transform knowledge into real-life results. - Stage 2
  • REVEALED: The only way to truly CONNECT with people using the science of building rapport. So you can build deep, genuine friendships instead of just acquaintances you never feel close to. - S2: Module 6
  • Enjoy a never-ending stream of FUN things to say in the moment. You'll learn the art of "Spontaneous Speaking," so you'll never worry about hesitation or awkward silences again. - S2: Module 2
  • The BEST strategy for winning over people and groups you already know. Even if they currently think of you as low-value and disrespect you. - S2: Module 1
  • Radiate CHARISMA and CONFIDENCE all the time (so people uncontrollably WANT you in their life) by discovering the secrets of my Perception Patterning Method. Using the latest neuro-science to eliminate social insecurities for good. - Stage 1
  • Shrink your nervousness around NEW people using my "Movie-Moments" technique, done from the comfort of home. - S2: Module 2
  • Make CERTAIN your eye-contact is always steady and comfortable (for you AND for them). Practice this slick exercise to install a solid yet balanced gaze that captivates. - S2: Module 3
  • The absolute worst social mistakes you must avoid. These common blunders are often what "force" others to decide you aren't worth their time. - Stage 1
  • Be seen as fun and DESIRABLE to hang out with. Using my killer "Social Rubber-Band" technique. - S2: Module 6
  • Approach anyone you see (without seeming awkward or try-hard). Using the FULL conversation flow framework which reveals flexible ways to start conversations not only with strangers, but to re-ignite them with people you've already met. - S2: Modules 4&5
  • BOND even if your interests aren't "cool" or mainstream. Worried your hobbies are considered weird by most? This two-step formula breaks down barriers to create meaningful connections. - S2: Module 6
  • How to create INTERESTING "getting to know you" conversations without slipping into boring interview mode and turning people off. - S2: Module 4
  • Discover how to AMPLIFY your presence. So others eagerly pay attention and respect you. No more getting ignored and talked over in groups... - S2: Module 3
  • Insure each technique WORKS GREAT for you. Quickly calibrate the course to work best for you and YOUR social goals. - S2: Module 1
  • Warm strangers up to you (even when they don't respond much). PROVEN strategies to push through and keep the interaction moving. - S2: Module 5
  • Skyrocket your ability to speak authentically. No more holding back or acting fake just to fit in. - S2: Module 3
  • Stop over-thinking and instead be CALM and COOL at all times. Using this little-known public speaking trick of professional presenters. - S2: Module 1
  • Get people to RELAX and be themselves around you. This sneaky but ethical strategy naturally gets you into their inner circle. - S2: Module 6
  • Eliminate the paralyzing fear you'd be intruding by approaching people. Using this quick but genius trick to flip the "value script" in your brain. - S2: Module 5
  • Plus many more powerfully effective surprises not mentioned above...

"When I Want To Continue Conversation Now I Have A Process To Follow..."

I liked that Fearless Flow is a step by step structured process, that's really nice. The program has a solid foundation from the ground up is really helpful if you want serious and permanant change. It's helped because when I want to continue conversation, now I have a process to follow. It also helps me learning more about how humans work. I'd recommend Fearless Flow because it's practical.

Henry Yang
Felixstow, Austrailia

Before We Go Any Further I Need To Come Clean...

I hope you're not one of "those"...

Y'know, someone looking for a "magic bullet solution" that promises instant confidence and friends overnight.

This system is for men and women in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond who are ready to forget the “miracle cures”…

Yet still want the quickest way to achieve lasting confidence and charm.

So, if you're like most folks reading this, and you're 100% ready for REAL answers to your social mastery, here's what you're going to receive:

  • If YOU want to effortlessly flow when speaking to anyone, without fear of being rejected.
  • If you want more true friends you can talk to about your life, instead of keeping it all to yourself
  • If you want a fun social circle of quality people who enthusiastically invite you out
  • If you want to be liked, respected and cherished for the BEST VERSION of yourself...

Then guess what?

Fearless Flow isn't "an" answer for you it's the ONLY ANSWER for you.

"I Feel Friendlier And More Outgoing..."

I am really enjoying Fearless Flow... It is clear. It is concise and easy to listen to and everything just makes sense. I am so glad I stumbled across Fearless Flow instead of just picking up another self help book. I feel my confidence improving, my understanding of my personality and why I am the way I am is becoming clear and I am fine tuning my natural self to be the best version of myself. I feel friendlier, more outgoing now that I understand WHY I was acting shy and unconfident before. I am recommending this to family members and friends. It truly is so great :)

Amanda Moppett
Calgary, AB Canada

“I Am So Happy That I Have Finally Figured All Of This Out…”

I would like to thank you Dean you have changed my life. I consider myself extremely fortunate to live at a time when I have such great resources (such as you) and I am eternally grateful. I am so happy that I have finally figured all of this out and especially while I’m still young. I can now live out “the best time of my life” thanks to people like you… I was in such a dark place before I found you and I honestly believe that getting out there and facing my fears has saved my life. You are a life saver.

Nicholas S.

Here's How Your Fearless Flow Training Works

Instant Download

Immediately upon signing up, you’ll be able to instantly download the Fearless Flow system. In just minutes from right now, you'll have all the answers laid-out in front of you.

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Quick Reference Guide

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Step By Step Checklists

No more guessing what you should do next. Just follow the steps and check off the exercises as you go. Finally a social skills course that’s as easy to follow as ticking off a shopping list.

What Would Having True Confidence For The Rest Of Your Life Be Worth?

I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve said my strategies have changed their entire approach to becoming more confident and charming.

That it’s the most effective approach to beating shyness.


“Your Suggestions Are By Far The Most Useful I've Come Across…”

I really like reading your suggestions. They are by far the most useful I’ve come across. You’ve really hit on a topic that adults struggle with and there is very little information out there for assistance.

Michele K.

I mean think about it…

…what would ending your loneliness for good be worth to you?

Finally lifting that weight off your shoulders.

Knowing you’re free.

Imagine waking up each day excited. Certain you’ll be able to effortlessly talk to and charm the people you meet.

You feel confident like those charismatic naturals.

Walking into work or class, a party, or where ever you happen to be, you see a person or group you’d love to talk to…

And there’s no hesitation.

You approach with a confident smile, open your mouth, and you know what to say.

You hear yourself flow, saying fun, authentic things off the top of your head.

You see these new people smiling, responding great to you. You’ve made a connection and who knows where it could lead in the future.

I don’t know if I could have put a price on that kind of happiness when I suffered from shyness.



What Does Shyness And Insecurity Currently Cost You?

There’s the regret of all those missed experiences right?

Romantic encounters that could have been.

Fun adventures in your 20s, 30s, 40s …

Promotions and higher-pay.

Joyful memories that never happened.

And the scary thing is, it doesn’t “just get better on it’s own.”

It can last for years and years.

So any course guaranteed in writing to double or triple your social confidence in less than 30 days is well worth a mere $295...

Yet that price is NOT for you.

I have a much better deal headed your way. So by all means, keep reading.

Yet first, I want you to know...

You're Not Only Getting The Fearless Flow System Today

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BONUS 1: The Science Of Insecurity - Why We Blank, Bore & Get Ignored (And How To Fix It)

If you think of yourself as uncertain sometimes or insecure socially, this audio bonus is required listening. You'll discover:

  • The psychology behind why you blank on what to say, why you can't connect or be yourself and how to avoid it
  • What you're doing that causes what you say to get ignored or fall flat
  • Why you can talk fine with some people but not others, and how to talk to those intimidating people like you do your friends
  • What to do or talk about when you don't have anything in common
  • Why you're insecure while others seem confident and charming

This bonus alone has more and better information than most full courses out there. Yet you're getting it free with the fearless flow system.

BONUS 2: 5 Simple Body Hacks That Make You Look Crazy Confident

This short yet powerful guide reveals simple techniques to quickly hack your body language, so others subconsciously think of you as more confident and high-value.

  • We’ve all heard non-verbals play a huge role in how others perceive you, yet there’s so much advice on the subject, it’s hard to know what to focus on.
  • These 5 simple hacks give you the biggest results for the least effort, so you can impress others without even having to open your mouth.

BONUS 3: Improv Power Principles To Flow In Conversations

In this training video, I explain how to use specially adapted improv principles to increase your spontaneity  and verbal flow.

When I first started improv, my wit and verbal ability was so S L O W socially. But after using these principles for just a couple of weeks, I was coming up with fun conversation topics out of the blue.

Now you can too, free, when you invest in fearless flow today...

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If you were to get a therapist to help with some of these issues, the cost would likely be even higher.

Yet for the price of a dinner out for two, you change your life from this moment on.

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Using Fearless Flow you’ll go from dreading social get-togethers and cursing the fact you never know what to say TO ABSOLUTELY LOVING social get-togethers… eager to pack your schedule full of fun plans with new friends.

“I Would Definitely Recommend The Fearless Flow Program…”

I would definitely recommend the Fearless Flow program. It has not only given me the framework to improve my conversational skills, but gave me a sense I was not alone in my struggles, which has actually been comforting. Realizing this gives me a sense of confidence as well.

Barbara D.
Cypress, CA

“You Can Relate To It Personally And Help Guide People Through…”

I think as you have been through it yourself its very good, as you can relate to it personally and help guide people through and identify and share what others and yourself have experienced.

Niall C.

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  • The most common, ENGAGING topics people talk about in casual conversations (even when they don’t know each other well)
  • The #1 topic you can’t forget to include (WARNING: leaving this out can actually stall the bonding process)
  • The 3 critical mistakes I always see quiet, reserved people make that guarantees the conversation will come to a screeching halt.
  • Fun fall-back topics that quickly transform any chat from boring to fun and engaging so people look forward to seeing you again.

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Dean J

Creator of Fearless Flow (2014 – 2017)


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Remember, this is the only system that uses actual exercises based on real research to boost your social skills, AND eliminate self doubt.

That’s the most important part.

I mean, a couple months from now…

You could still be frustrated, wishing you knew how to confidently talk to people.

OR… You could already have a fun social life full of new friends.

You could still be struggling to make all the bits of free information out there work for you.

OR… You could be following a step by step proven system for social success.

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I want you to test out the Fearless Flow Conversation System (and ALL the bonuses) for a full 60 days!

If you’re not thrilled with your results, I’ll give you your money back. No questions. No hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.How long does it take to improve socially?

    A.You’ll feel a noticeable improvement in confidence and skills within the first few days of doing the exercises. And you can expect to experience a major life-changing shift in your confidence and ability to talk to others within 28 days from today.

    That’s because unlike books such as How to Win Friends And Influence People, or even studies by leading shyness researchers and therapists, Fearless Flow offers you simple to understand action steps you can easily apply.

    Do the exercises, and you get better in REAL life. It’s that simple.

  • Q.Won't it change who i naturally am?

    A.Becoming outgoing and confident does not mean being obnoxious. Besides, who you are is a combination of many things: your preferences, your opinions, your experiences. If you’re currently reserved and insecure, I say you’re less yourself because you have less power to reveal those traits to others.

    By becoming more outgoing and confident with my system, you can boldly show others more of who you are. So if anything, this course makes you more you, not less.

  • Q.Is This NLP?

    A.No it isn’t. Neuro-Linguistic Programming can be very difficult for some people. It requires lots of  abstract visualization and there’s always this lurking doubt it’s not really working. Plus I don’t know of ANY reputable studies that verify its effectiveness.

    The strategies used in Fearless Flow on the other hand are based on therapeutic practices that have been proven to work by tons of independently reviewed studies.

  • Q.I've tried facing my fears by being more social but my anxiety has gotten worse.

    A.This is likely because you’ve been facing your fears in the wrong ways. Taking advice like, “just get out there” or “just be confident.” That advice lacks the specifics of the scientifically supported way you build confidence and social skills.

    My solution gives you a step by step approach so you’re not left guessing what you’re doing wrong.

  • Q.The conversation examples in most courses are unrealistic. I can't bring myself to use them. Is Fearless Flow more of the same?

    A.No it’s not the same. See, it’s true, most courses ask you to talk like you’re from the 1950’s or suggest crazy conversation starters. All that does is make you sound awkward and unnatural. It makes being more social harder.

    That’s why fearless flow helps you build natural social skills that work in a wide variety of situations. So you come across as down-to-earth and relatable.

  • Q.Can't I just get conversation advice for free on the internet?

    A.Well sure you could, but you get what you pay for. Free advice on the internet usually doesn’t take into account the insecurities many of us face. So it only works if you’re already confident.

    I’ve dealt with shyness and lack of confidence personally. So the strategies in fearless flow aren’t just regurgitated from someone else. They’ve been researched, tested and refined so you can reach a new peak of confidence fast.

"The Examples You Gave Really Hit Home With Me..."

The examples you gave really hit home with me and helped me realize what I am doing wrong. im excited to try out these new techniques and to really work on my self-knowledge.

Nik J.

"Thank You Dean For All You've Done To Provide This Incredible Tool..."

Thank you, Dean, for all you’ve done to provide this incredible tool; and all your patience and encouragement along the way.

Barbara D.
Cypress, CA

"I Really Think This Course Will Change My Life..."

Your course has really helped me. Keep sending me the hint emails. I got to the part about remembering the two sentences and it was working well... I really think this course will change my life. Thank you so much.

Mike Scott
Clinton, IA

"I Spend My Days More Constructively Working On Your Lessons..."

It helped to know that I am not in a unique situation. It might have felt like I am going through the ultimate tragedy of my life but through you I discovered there are people who are in a similar place and situation. I spend my days more constructively working on your lessons. I am diligently trying to put them to practice…Dean, thanks for everything!! For waking me up from my slumber:)


"I Can Now Talk To Anybody One-On-One With Little Difficulty..."

My #1 problem around people is with groups. Thanks to your website and videos, I can now talk to anybody one-on-one with little difficulty.

Michael G.


On this page I reveal how my students and I have successfully transformed our social lives. Many times I’ll mention specific reactions from strangers and improvements in social ability we’ve gotten using my confidence and social skills systems. All told, 100s of lives have been touched and changed.

Please understand I am absolutely NOT — repeat, am not — implying these results are typical. Such a claim would be ridiculous. Especially considering we’ve (probably) never met, and I don’t know your current level of confidence, social skills, or anything else about who you are.

Just investing in Fearless Flow won’t make you confident. Reading is not enough. Serious, BOLD action and execution is required on your part. Only YOU can do that!

Having said that, what I’ll be teaching and revealing to you in Fearless Flow has worked very well for me and many of my customers. Which is why I’m giving you a chance to test drive my system in your social life. Guaranteed you get results or your money back.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and a huge amount to gain. Hope to see you on the inside, and sharing your amazing results with me.

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