5 Lies Conversation Gurus Like To Tell That Actually Make Shyness Worse

PLUS How To Fix The Hidden Psychological Glitch Causing Shyness To Remove Self-Doubt And Start Making New Friends

Ever wonder why no matter what you try, you still seem to push people away?

Unfortunately for some, shyness can last for years. While others quickly make friends with just a few words and a smile.

In this article, I'll share some evidence-based reasons why this happens. AND how to stop it.

Starting with one of the trickiest problems…

Most people giving social advice don’t understand what shyness is really like.

My name is Dean J. And before I turned on my confidence, for me shyness was...

  • Not knowing what to say, fearing I'd bore others and they wouldn't accept me.
  • Hiding who I was (and hating myself for it) because I felt the real me wasn't enough.
  • Trying to “get out there,” yet still seeing that withering look of “what do YOU want?”
  • Being surrounded by interesting people daily, yet making no new friends.
  • Feeling so nervous just thinking about some social outings, I didn't even attend.
  • Spending weekends alone knowing “normal people” were out living a real life.
  • Getting left out at work while co-workers bonded over drinks.
  • Feeling awkward, insecure and quiet around the people I MOST wanted to like me.

Overall, shyness seems like a never-ending cycle of feeling worthless. Full of regret. Because you MISS OUT... On the experiences and relationships that make life memorable.

That was the story of my life for over 20 years.

And I remember desperately wanting a different experience…

  • I wanted to be included in the groups I saw laughing together at work or in class.
  • I wanted to really connect. Not just have acquaintances I chatted to about the weather.
  • I wanted to make at least 1 or 2 trustworthy new friends. People I could be myself around.
  • I wanted a social circle who'd invite me out, and me them (and they’d actually show up).
  • I wanted to fall in love with someone, and know they loved me too.
  • I wanted to be charming and interesting when I met people, so I’d stop repelling them.

Latest Research

What if I told you there’s a scientifically proven way you can achieve all of this and more?

Look I understand if you’re doubtful. I certainly was when I first found this research.

Yet I encourage you to read this entire article to the end. THEN make up your mind.

See, there’s a hidden psychological glitch causing all the above problems. And once you understand what’s going on (and the evidence-based strategy to fix it), everything changes.

You can become the type of person people seek out for friendship. Instead of the person they seek to avoid. And not only can it happen quickly. It's really not that hard to do.



I feel obliged to let you know, this is not your typical online article about overcoming shyness. If you’re looking for the “weird tricks” that “10x your friends overnight.” Go elsewhere. Here, we’re going to look at tested methods researchers have recently created to remove shyness once and for all. It’s a strategy that will take a little time and effort on your part (i.e. it’s NOT instant). But it actually works.

So if you’re OK with all that, then keep reading…

I’ve been successfully showing people from around the world how to overcome shyness since 2011.

And one point I've had to stress over and over, even when I've written for some of the top personal development sites on the net like Pick the Brain and Dumb Little Man, is this...

It helps to first be aware of the lies. The common advice that makes connecting harder.

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