The Hidden Psychological Glitch Causing Shyness

So why does shyness get "locked-in" for some people?

See when the “common wisdom” failed me, I began studying REAL research on shyness and social anxiety.

Disciplines like social and evolutionary psychology. Interpersonal communication.

Experts like Albert Ellis, Philip Zimbardo, and Aaron Beck.

I also dove into the latest brain research. Incredible new findings in neuro-science and neuro-psychology.

And what I discovered is this:

The REAL reason your fear of rejection is locked on overdrive is because…

On a cellular level, the part of your mind responsible for socializing has become directly linked to your brain's fear center.

Here, let me explain…

I figured this out because of recent findings on "Neural Pathways." Neural Pathways are connections, physical links, between different parts of your brain.

They are real. Like a strong rope created by weaving smaller strings together.

For someone who suffers shyness, harmful direct connections have been carved into the fabric of their mind. So that socializing instantly activates the fear center of their brain. Nervousness and uncertainty are the automatic result.

How Did This Happen?

Well, just like Pavlov's dogs, you've been CONDITIONED by your past experiences...

Maybe when you were growing up, you were just "different" than most people around you. Nothing wrong with being different. In fact, it's an incredible gift. Because you see the world with a perspective most don't. You likely live a more thoughtful life than most.

Hey being different despite peer pressure is NOT easy. In fact, it's proof of your inner strength.

The problem is however, kids can be cruel. And because you were "not like them,” they probably teased you and called you out.

Maybe you had other traumatic, embarrassing experiences from your parents or elsewhere...

Whatever the cause, the point is others just didn’t understand the type of person you are. So through no fault of your own, they caused you painful, embarrassing social experiences.

These powerful, negative, emotional events conditioned you, changing the physical structure of your brain from that point on.

In other words, a destructive “neural pattern” of social uncertainty and fear got locked-in. It’s been reinforced over time. And has sabotaged you ever since.

THIS is what makes shyness so hard to overcome. It's why even though you consciously realize your nervousness is unfounded, it STILL paralyzes you.

The direct cellular links still exist in your brain.

You’ve become “wired” to get the same results over and over. Even when you think you’re trying something different.

Get Rid Of Shyness Once And For All

So now you know what’s really going on (and why most shyness advice just doesn’t work). What now?

Well, if you want to eliminate shyness for good and have the confidence and skills to connect to new, trustworthy friends…

You need to Re-Pattern the neural pathways in your mind. Re-route those direct links from fear to confidence. So you no longer automatically feel nervous, uncertain, and inferior socially. 

That way, any new social skills you learn will actually work in your favor.

I mean, imagine...

  • Waking up each day excited. Certain you’ll be able to effortlessly talk to and charm the people you meet.
  • Feeling confident like those charismatic naturals. Easily approaching people, opening your mouth, and knowing what to say.
  • Hearing yourself flow, saying fun, authentic things off the top of your head.
  • Seeing these new people smiling, responding great to you. You’ve made a connection that will only deepen. All because you've removed your social fears.

Luckily, there are proven new methods to re-pattern the neural pathways in your mind. An evidence-based process of exercises that “install” new, empowering connections and skills.

On the next page, I’ll pull back the curtain and reveal the nitty gritty of my methods for deleting shyness for good. So you can finally get started living the full, social life you’ve always deserved…

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