Free Social Success Video Series for You (Re-make of Popular E-course)

So many of you have been asking, “what’s this big new thing you keep hinting at?”

Well the truth is…it’s “sorta” new.

I’ve decided to re-make my free conversation audio course into a FREE VIDEO COURSE with new material and improved lessons.

While the previous course was popular, I got several questions and suggestions from readers (especially in my survey), so I figured I’d re-create it with these in mind.

I switched from audio to video because it gives you more ways to absorb the information and really take the lessons to heart.


I’ve kept the best and most helpful elements of the previous course while adding entirely new sections to answer your most pressing questions. As before, I reveal insights and techniques learned from my personal journey through shyness to having comfortable conversations and friends worldwide.

Over the last 10+ years, I’ve read several conversation and self-esteem books and courses,  studied interpersonal communication in college, worked on cruise ships as a social host,  joined an improv comedy troupe, observed naturals and tested to see what works.

I’ve distilled lots of lessons from that 10 year journey into this course for you.

The Free Course Will Have 3 Videos in All

Here’s a small taste of what you can expect:

Video 1: How to Be More Interesting, Avoid Silences & Bond Faster

  • Revealed: One of my most effective conversation techniques
  • Why you can’t talk to people sometimes and what to do about it

Video 2: 6 Common Social Success Mistakes Keeping You Awkward

  • Why you have trouble connecting and making friends
  • Feel great about being you – Eliminate 1 “dirty” word that can make you feel ashamed

Video 3: How to Be Authentic in Conversations (So People Know & Like the Real You)

  • Exercise to grow in your self-knowledge
  • How to practice “being you” so it’ll come more naturally in conversation


I’ve found much of the advice on conversation skills and social success encourages you to be what you’re not.

That’s not the way to go.

That’s why I made the first version of this course – to help you have great social skills AS YOURSELF.

I believe I’ve done an even better job of helping you accomplish that in this re-release.  So if you’d like, get the free course and tell me what you think.

To your social success!




Dean J

Want To Remove Shyness & "Inconsistent Charm?"

Jump start your social life with some of my best training.

Showing you how to quickly connect and build TRUE confidence that lasts.


  • VIDEO: The Conversation Flow Framework
  • Case Study - How I Overcame My Shyness
  • VIDEO: 3 Cheats To Do Better Talking With Groups
  • The Hidden Psychological Glitch Causing Insecurity
  • The Evidence Backed Path To Lasting Confidence
  • Plus Much More...

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