Top 8 Tips On Fighting Depression


Fighting Depression

Depression can be serious but there are ways to minimize it's effects

The following is a guest post by Tina Miller. Remember, depression can be a serious issue and if you think you need it, you should seek professional help.

Depression is common when a person is under a lot of stress (mainly caused by problems that are not easy to handle).

Depression slows down your immune system; affects your work pace; the way you think; disrupts your daily routine and can even give you physical pains for no apparent reason.

Depression should not be underestimated.

Fighting depression won’t cost much of your time but it will require a little effort and a lot of positivity. Here are some of the best tips on how to fight back depression:

  1. Express yourself – Nothing beats the feeling you get after releasing your sentiments. Talk to your mom or your best friend about what you are going through. Identify the cause of your depression; think on how to fix it and work it out. You might get great advice on how to deal with your stress.
  2. Eat healthy – Depressed people lose their appetite. They usually go to bed with an empty stomach, thus making them more depressed upon waking. Eating healthy and getting proper nutrition gives energy and good vibes. Eat hearty meals – a good vegetable salad, crisp apples or grilled meat. It will also make you feel good about yourself.
  3. Move and shake – Release the negativity by exercising. You may dance to a groovy beat, run miles or hit a punching bag. After that you will instantly notice the change in your mood. Physical activities release endorphins that make you happy.
  4. Spoil yourself – Beat depression by giving yourself a little break. Give yourself the importance and self-value you deserve. Treat yourself to some guilty pleasures. Indulge in a bowl of strawberry sundae, schedule an aromatherapy massage, or buy a little something for yourself.
  5. The Buddy System – There are lots of support groups that help depressed people. Listen and join in their activities and find out how they cope up with their depression. Later you get to realize that you are also helping others deal their depression.
  6. Get a new hobby or lifestyle – Get busy by adding something new in your daily routine. Some known stress relievers are gardening, enrolling in a painting class, learning a new skill or adopting a pet. Find something challenging and constructive to think and do.
  7. Laugh and giggle – Laughing releases positivity, which lightens up your mood.
  8. See a Professional Counselor or a Psychologist – Appropriate programs, therapies and medication (if needed) will be helpful in beating depression.

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