How to Use Cold Hard Cash to Improve Your Social Skills

Interpersonal Communication Skills Important for Career AdvancementYou want better social skills, right?

Because if your people skills rock, you can easily make new friends and have fun in social situations wherever you go…duh.

Well, that’s not the only reason social skills are important.

According to more than 1,400 Chief Financial Officers, having great interpersonal communication skills leads to COLD HARD CASH.

And believe it or not, knowing this can help you to finally get better in ALL your conversations.

Robert Half Management Resources recently surveyed over 1,400 CFOs asking the following question:

“Other than technical or functional expertise, which one of the following traits do you look for most when grooming future leaders at your organization?”

And here were their responses:

  1. 33% – Integrity
  2. 28% – Interpersonal/Communication Skills
  3. 15% – Initiative
  4. 12% – Ability to Motivate Others
  5. 10% – Business Savvy
  6. 2% – Other/Don’t Know

Right there, second from the top with only a 5% difference from #1 is interpersonal communication skills.

Plain and simple, the ability to communicate well with others and “fit in” with a group can boost your career potential and net worth like no other soft skill (well except perhaps “integrity” but more on that below).

If you haven’t already, it’s time to expand your concept of the importance in improving your conversation skills.

How This Study Can Actually Improve Your Social Skills

You see, so many of us want better people skills, but we don’t take the action necessary to improve. We make excuses and rationalize why we can’t do it.

When it comes down to it though, one of the main reasons we don’t take action is lack of motivation.

Learning new skills, changing our mindsets, and putting ourselves “out there” to practice conversation is a painful idea. In our minds, it’s more immediately painful than the frustration of staying socially handicapped.

And since humans usually act to avoid pain, we steer clear of opportunities to better our social lives.

Add Some Pain On The Other Side

Well, one solution is to balance out the picture a bit.

Y’see, I’ve found that often (not always), people with poor social skills also have trouble in their careers. They find it hard to get noticed or promoted. No surprise since their more outgoing co-workers get all the attention.

But instead of pouting about it, use it to your advantage. Knowing communication skills are so important to financial success, ADD this to your list of reasons to get your social skills handled!

That’ll help to tip the balance of “pain” in favor of taking action.

You’ll think, “man, the pain I experience to improve social skills is nothing compared to what I’ll experience in the long run by doing nothing!”  

The more reasons you add to your “take action” list, the more motivation you’ll feel.

So be sure to regularly day dream about the extra $1,000, $5,000 or more you’re missing out on every year because of your shyness.

Just don’t do it in a “woe is me” kinda way. Do it in a “I AM GONNA GET THIS HANDLED” type of way!

#1 Is Also Important to Having Better Conversation Skills

What I also find interesting is the #1 entry of the study, integrity.

Integrity is a key ingredient in raising your self-esteem. You have integrity if you have your own set of values (that YOU have chosen) and you stick to your own code. You think, “I’m living life up to my own standards.”

That is gold for self-esteem because it gives you an internal sense of worth.

And, as my regular readers know, I feel self-esteem is a main component of developing your Core. And if you have a strong and developed personal Core, conversation becomes near effortless.

If you want to know more about developing your Core for solid self-esteem and natural conversation skills, be sure to get my free Social Success E-course by clicking here.

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